Best Original Screenplay

5. Green Book

I just don’t see the hype around this movie. The performances were good, but it was just so, blah. I had flashbacks to when I watched Driving Miss Daisy. It is exactly the type of story about racism a white guy would write. It is soft and easily digestible. You know how when someone has a tooth pulled, they have to eat soft food for a while? Well, this type of movie is the soft food that people eat up during times of racial strife. it is forgettable, unspectacular, and the only noms it really deserved were for the acting. But, the Academy ate it up because, again, like Driving Miss Daisy, it is easily digestible, and makes them feel good about racism without actually challenging themselves.

4. Vice

I liked this movie. It was funny and had some great performances. But I did not leave the movie blown away, and honestly, the screenplay was kind of bad. The story had no drive, it was just all over the place and an excuse for the humor. Part of the problem is the characters are just so unlikable, which makes sense because they are terrible in real life as well. But when I do not care about the characters, I don’t care about the story.

3. First Reformed

I really loved where this story was going, but I feel it chickened out and ruined its potential. I do not want to spoil because this is a good movie and everyone would watch it, but it just feels like they took the cop-out happyish ending because it didnt want to do anything too bold. And it tends to be a bit heavy-handed with its message. It is a fine message, and it mostly does a good job, but it feels like it spends too much time trying to convince an audience, instead of telling the story. But overall, it was a good screenplay, worthy of the nom, but there were two movies more deserving of a win.


Roma is a Masterpiece. It is nominated for 10 awards and is deserving of all of them. Will it win most of them? We will see, but I don’t think it will win this one. If it does It will be deserving, but the final nom is a bit more deserving in my opinion. As great as Roma’s screenplay is, it may actually be the weakest part of the movie, which is saying something. It is a great story, and with this movie being on Netflix, there is no reason not to watch it.

1.The Favourite

As I have said, this is actually my favorite movie of the year, no pun intended. And I do think it is the best screenplay as well. Like Roma, it is nominated for 10 Oscars, and like Roma, all are deserved. The script is the best part of this movie, which is saying something in a movie with amazing camera work, and 3 award-worthy performances. It is darkly funny, enticing, and if you can watch it, you should.


Eighth Grade

The screenplay here is certainly better than Vice and Green Book. The fact this movie got zero noms is kind of baffling. I didnt expect it to get too much recognition, but they could have at least given it a nod for its screenplay.

What Should Win

The Favourite

I will not be upset if Roma wins. As long as one of these two wins it will be justifiable. I could even be okay with First Reformed winning, though it is not as good as these other two. But my preference would be The Favourite.

What Will Win

The Favourite

Best Adapted Screenplay

N/A. Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I have to be honest and say that I have not seen this movie. I have heard it is fine, but not good enough to win this award, but I can’t be sure.

4. A Star is Born

There is a lot to like about this movie. The acting is great, and the music is great. But the story is kind of predictable and unremarkable. It is by the numbers. Which is fine, not every story needs to be great, and movies can rely on other aspects to reach greatness, but it certainly doesn’t deserve the Best Screenplay nod in my opinion.

3. If Beale Street Could Talk

I think what hurts this movie is it is a bit too long. the writing is great, and there are scenes of prolonged dialogue that work so well, which is the mark of a great writer. But, it gets repetitive. It will establish something clearly, but then reestablish it, wasting time. A confident writer should know when they have conveyed enough information to the audience, and move on, but a few times they go a bit too far. But overall, it is very well written and deserving of this nom.

2. BlackKklansmen

I feel like this is the lock to win it. And I will not be upset with that. The story was interesting, funny, and compelling. It is not my favorite story, but I feel like they will want to give this movie at least one Oscar, and this seems like the most reasonable one to award it for. I really enjoyed this movie, and while I would prefer Bust Scruggs wins, I will be 100% fine with this winning instead

1.Ballad of Buster Scruggs

I love this movie and was so happy it was nominated here. The other awards mostly snubbed it, which is a mistake, because it is one of the best-written movies of the year. It is hard to write an Anthology. One weak link can sink the ship, and having the different stories all feel connected is difficult, but they pulled it off, without sacrificing the quality of any of the stories. I will be really happy if this wins, though it probably will not.



Will South Korean films ever get respected by The Academy? South Korean film is amazing, and yet they continually get snubbed. I thought that would end with Burning, which may be the best Korean film yet, but alas, it did not. Not only was it snubbed of Best Foreign Language and Best Picture, but it also didnt even get a consolation nom in one of these other categories.

What Should Win


Come on Academy, South Korea exists, watch some new movies, please. But since Burning is not nominated, Buster Scruggs Should win.

What Will Win