I won’t be watching the Oscars this year. For one because the last few Oscars were BOOOORING, except for a hilarious mistake where they announced the wrong winner. But also because they are crassly deciding to not air some of the awards live. I thought the entire point of the night was the awards. But instead of cutting the many unfunny skits, or the obnoxious bit about Hollywood types interacting with normies, they cut the live presentation of awards live editing, and cinematography, to keep the nonsense everyone groans at.

Despite my lack of interest in watching the event, I do still kind of care who the winners will be. So just like last year, I will predict the winners, so that I end up disappointed when the wrong movies win. I will review all the nominees, and then give my favorite of the noms, and also the one I think will win in the case it is different than my fav. I will work my way through the awards, all the way up to Best Picture. To Start, I will cover the Music Awards. Best Original Song, and Best Original Score.

Best Song

5.”I’ll Fight,”  from RBG

I sure hope this doesn’t win. Jennifer Hudson is great, and writer Diane Warren is a legend, but I feel like neither of them were paid enough, so they mailed this one in. “I’ll Fight,” is the bland type of uplifting song popstars churn out like butter. It reminds me of “Fight Song” by Rachel Platt, and “Firework” by Katy Perry. It is bland. Jennifer Hudson performs it well, but it is material so unworthy of her voice, and Diane Warren can do much better and did so much better this year in a song that was not nominated called “Why Did You Do That?” from A Star is Born performed by Lady Gaga. Yea that is a crude song about butts, it is much more clever and much better composed than this snoozefest. It wasn’t nominated because of a better song from that movie also being nominated, but the point stands that this is Warren’s worst work.

4.”The Place Where Lost Things Go,” from Mary Poppins Returns

Really? Of all the songs in the new Mary Poppins, they choose this one? I mean it is fine, it fits the moment it is played in the movie perfectly, as it sets up Mary Poppins as the caring nanny that she is as she consoles the children. But as a song, it is nothing anyone would listen to separate of the movie. The composition is very simple, and Emily Blunt basically whispers the entire thing. Mary Poppins was a lock to get a nomination in this category. Why the nom from this movie was “A Cover Is Not a Book” baffles me. That was the song that remained in my head after seeing Mary Poppins. I had forgotten this song because it is not meant to be listened to, it is meant to serve a narrative function. This should not win. The only chance it has is that is is a Disney song, and Disney Songs tend to win this even when not deserving, see last year.

3.”All the Stars,” from Black Panther

Here we go, finally a song that people left the theater singing. I honestly do not remember where this song played in the movie, but I do remember it and remember listening to it again on the drive home. Kendrick Lamar is obviously very talented, and a win could put him on track to eventually EGOT. It could also be the first Oscar for Marvel? Will it win though? Not sure, it has some tough competition. But it is certainly one of the deserving ones.

2.”When an Angel Trades His Boots for Wings,” from The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

I love this song. It is funny, well performed, and such a nice listen. It fits the movie perfectly. The lyrics are very clever. The song is also surprisingly deep, covering the theme of death, as the entire movie does. How this cowboy is almost relieved to be dead so that he can stop fighting and rest. Will it win? I doubt it. It isn’t the type of song that will get a lot of downloads, whereas two of the other songs nominated could easily be played on any top 40 radio station. But I would certainly be happy if it does win. I also hope it will get a live performance at The Oscars.

1.”Shallow,” from A Star is Born

Were I a betting man, I would be putting all my money on Shallow to win. For one, it is the best performed of all the songs, with Lady Gaga giving a super powerful performance. Secondly, it is the one that has the most relevance to its movie, which usually factors in heavily to what wins. Third, it is a really good song. Last year I was 100% sure Remember Me would win, even though it didnt deserve to win. This year, I am again 100% sure this will win, but this time, it is deserving.


“Suspirium” from Suspiria

How was this song not nominated? It is beautiful, yet they nominate the soulless “Ill fight” and unremarkable Mary Poppins song whose name I literally already forgot from when I wrote it a few moments ago, over this? For shame Academy. Thom Yorke knocked this song out of the park.

What should win? – Shallow

Catchy, well written, powerful, it has everything.

What Will Win?- Shallow

Yep, it is going to win.


Best Score

5. Mary Poppins Returns by Marc Shaiman

It is fine, it fits the movie, but a lot of it felt too similar to the original. Which is fine, just not award movie. It would be like giving the Oscar to John Williams for the Star Wars score. It is a good score, but we have heard it before. Are we going to give Marlon Brando an Oscar this year for Godfather? No, because that performance is old, and did not come out this year.

4. Black Panther by Ludwig Goransson

The score was probably the best part of the movie. It fit the theme great. It was really impressive how he melded traditional African music into the score, with heavy drums and horns driving the score. It certainly sticks out from the traditional Marvel scores, which while good, are a bit formulaic. The score is creative and capable of being both bombastic and mellow. It just is not quite as good as the other scores, but certainly worthy of this nomination.

3. Isle of Dog’s by Alexandre Desplat

This theme is just fun, and pleasant. It was bouncing around my head for an entire day after I saw this movie. Desplat is such a phenomenal composer. His scores are always so whimsical and rife with irony that fits right into the cinematic world of Wes Anderson. He is truly the perfect composer for Wes Anderson. I doubt it wins, but Desplat did win last year for his Shape of Water, and I didnt expect that, so who knows.

2. BlackKklansmen by Terrence Blanchard

About time Terrence Blanchard was nominated. His jazzy sounds have long been unappreciated by the Academy. I do not think this is his best Score, but it is a very good score, great even. The music itself feels simple on the surface, but he can pull a much deeper meaning from it. It sounds like something from a police procedural, but the best police procedural sound ever. Full of funky guitar riffs, the score really helped prop up the movie, accenting important scenes, which is what a score should do. I would be completely fine with this winning, it is deserving if it does.

1. If Beale Street Could Talk by Nicolas Brittel

Brittel continues to work magic with the help of Barry Jenkins. His score for Moonlight was great, and while Beale Street itself is not as good as Moonlight, the score is even better. This score is amazing. It has so much heart and power. It really had an impact on me, and of the nominees, it is the best. It pairs with the movie better than any of the nominees, which is not a swipe at the other nominees, just a testament of how great this is.


First Man by Justin Horwitz


How was this not even nominated? This is frankly, the best score of the year, but they nominated Mary Fucking Poppins over it? What? Did the Oscars not watch this movie? The sonic sounds created by Hurwitz are so amazing. This score is out of this world, no pun intended, and it being snubbed is just dumb. For shame Academy.

What Should Win- If Beale Street Could Talk

Well First Man should win, but that obviously won’t happen, so it should be If Beale Street Could Talk.

What Will Win- If Beale Street Could Talk