Best Supporting Actor

N/A- Richard Grant in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?”

Have not seen the movie, could not say if his performance should win.

4. Sam Elliot in “A Star is Born”

Okay. I mean Elliot was good, and he is a bit of a Hollywood icon and has never won anything before. I suppose he could win as a lifetime achievement award. But while he was good, it was nothing remarkable.

3. Adam Driver in “BlackKklansmen”

Again, another good, not remarkable performance. Driver did everything he had to in this role, but it just was not a role that gave him a lot to do. I really doubt Driver wins.

2. Sam Rockwell in “Vice”

Remember what I have said about good not great? Well, it applies to Rockwell as well. Rockwell was great in his Oscar-winning role last year. This year, he was good as George W Bush, but I was not blown away. And he was certainly overshadowed by Christain Bale.

1. Mahershala Ali in “Green Book”

Yea, I think we have a winner. Ali is an amazing actor, and while I did not like Green Book, he did get to show his acting range. Also, no one else here is deserving of the award.


Steven Yeun for “Burning”

Again, to the Academy members, South Korea exists, watch their movies.

Anyone From Buster Scruggs

There were lots of great performances here. Any of which could have been nominated. James Franco, Tom Waits, Tim Blake Nelson, all were great.

Who Should Win

Mahershala Ali

Who Will Win

Mahershala Ali


Best Supporting Actress

5. Amy Adams in “Vice”

There were so many great female performances this year, and in this award, it is a very tight race. Amy Adams is the odd one out though. She is good, but the other 4 here were amazing.

4. Marina de Tavira in “Roma”

Hopefully, this role will help her get more mainstream cred because she knocked it out of the park. Will she win? I doubt it, there is not a lot of buzz around her, and it is only her first nomination. But if she does pull off the upset, it will be deserving. I had a really hard time deciding between these 4 performances. Any 4 would be deserving of the win. Marina is a fantastic actress, she will eventually win an Oscar.

3. Emma Stone in “The Favourite”

I have always been a fan of Emma Stone, but even I was surprised by this performance. This might be her best performance yet, in a role that really let her show her range. I can’t think of a more perfect actress to play the conniving Abigail. Putting her in a Yorgos movie, where she can break free from the mainstream monicker that follows her, was genius. She has the name power and cred to maybe pull off the in, but being nominated alongside a co-star may hurt both her as Weisz.

2. Regina King in “If Beale Street Can Talk”

I did not realize Regina had this type of range, but damn, she blew me away in Beale Street. With wins at the Golden Globes and Critics Choice Awards, she is currently the favorite to win, but a lack of a SAG nomination does make it less likely. But two people have won at the Oscars before despite getting snubbed by the SAG’s, including Christoph Waltz, so it could, and probably will happen again.

1. Rachel Weisz in “The Favourite”

Another amazing performance. I honestly have no clue how to separate Weisz, Stone, and King. Weisz played the perfect foil to Coleman’s Queen in The Favorite. Her character is witty, charming, but also terrifying. My only concern is that she and Stone could cancel each other. And also as great as they are, Olivia Coleman was even better. But either of them could win. Last year Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell were both nominated, and Rockwell took home the award, but Weisz and Stone are harder to differentiate than Rockwell and Harrison.


Eh, I think they got this right. Some people could maybe get nominated over Adams, but I won’t complain about her getting the Nom.

Who Should Win

Rachel Weisz

Any of the top 4 would be deserving of a win. I guess I would say Weisz was the best, but not by much. It is like picking which one of Sophie’s children should be taken, except the stakes aren’t as high.

Who Will Win

Regina King

All the pre Oscar hype is about her, pretty decent chance she wins. It is just a good thing Joel Embid did not take her out when he jumped into the crowd over her at the Sixers Knicks game the other night, because she will probably be giving a Speech on stage at the Oscars.