The latest Netflix original. I remember when Netflix originals meant terrible Adam Sandler comedies and terrible horror movies. Now real directors are making real movies there, the kind of movies that get critical praise.

Does The Highwaymen live up to snuff when it comes to some of the recent critical hits? Uh, kind of?

I mean it is well made, and really well acted. I wouldn’t call it boring, because I was interested in the performance of Woody Harrelson and Kevin Costner the entire time, but there isn’t a ton else to the movie. The story is pretty plain, there is not real mystery or suspense ever, it is just a road trip with Woody and Kevin, as they try and find Bonnie and Clyde.

The problem is there never really feels like there are stakes. I mean they try and establish stakes, but they have no impact. I never feel like anything bad can happen. Part of that problem is it is based on a true story that I already know the end of, but they also just don’t do a good job creating a sense of urgency. The main character never even feel as if they are in danger.

And while the characters are interesting, they only half develop them. They set them up, but there isn’t much payoff to the setup. I feel like they were too obsessed with making them look heroic that they forget to make them real characters.

But I would suggest watching it for Woody and Kevin alone. They give great performances, despite not having much to work with. But that is pretty much all there is to the movie. I don’t remember the score or any particular great cinematography. That is what happens when the filmmaker’s goals are not to make a great movie, but to make a historical figure look heroic.