So I saw Hellboy, and it was not great, but it also wasn’t as bad as the Rotten Tomatoes score suggests,

Let me be clear, it is a bad movie, but it is not completely without merit. It is actually pretty well directed, with some good action scenes. That isn’t surprising since Neil Marshall directed it, and he is a talented director in general.

Pretty much anything worthwhile in this movie comes from Marshall. It does feel like a Marshall movie, and the things I love about his other movies like The Descent are present here. Cool creative camera angles, and an overall sense that everyone had a ton of fun making the movie. There are tons of cool gore and creatures. And when the movie is solely focusing on the action it can actually be fun.

The problems are everything else. There isn’t a single interesting character in this movie. hellboy has no real personality or character, he is one note the entire time. But at least he is well acted, as every other character is both boring and poorly acted. I can’t really blame the actors though, because none of them have anything to work with.

How are you supposed to act, when there is no character. Actors cant just read lines and be great, they need a character, and the writer did not bother to write characters. And how are the viewers supposed to care about anything when there is not a single character to care about?

The characters in the Guillermo Del Toro versions ha so much life. Hellboy wasn’t just an action character, he was a person, with feelings, with his own goals. All of his sidekicks also had personality. But here, I just didnt care about anyone on the screen. They were just vessels to make jokes and to get to the action.

The CGI varies from passable to distracting. It isn’t all bad, but when it is bad, it completely takes me out of the scene. The sound design is bad. Some of the character design is really bad.

But des[ite all of this, it was never really boring. The characters themselves were boring, but there was enough action and crazy crap happening that it did not matter. It is definitely bad, but it is more bad in the way something like Ghost Rider or Batman Forever is than bad like FanFourstic or Suicide Squad. It has some redeeming qualities and can be enjoyed in the right setting.

I would not suggest paying money to see it. But when it gets on Netflix, it may be worth watching once. I actually had some fun, even though I was often more laughing at some of the bad stuff, and was never pissed off I was watching a crap movie like I was during Suicide Squad.