I am just going to go ahead and stop doubting Lego Movies. I doubted the first one, and it turned out to be a masterpiece. Then I doubted this once because Lord and Miller were not directing, and, it turned out to be good as well.

Is it as good as the first one? Probably not. Hard to tell now, I have seen the first one many times, and liked it more each time. I have only seen this one once, so I can’t judge if it will hold up upon multiple viewings like the first. But I enjoyed it after one viewing, so there is that.

What made the first one so amazing, is its social satire and overlapping themes. It may on its surface be a silly movie that is essentially a feature-length ad for Legos, but it is actually a really smart commentary on many things. Consumer culture, individuality vs conformity, and so much more. This movie’s themes are not so political, but instead more personal. It still tackles conformity but in a different way. But it also is thematically about growing up, maturing, trust, self-image, and more. It is just as sophisticated, but a bit more personal.

The animation is still fantastic. I loved the pseudo stop motion style they used, and it works again here. This style of animation allows them to utilize the strengths of both 3d and stop-motion. The freedom of 3d animation allows them to create elaborate action scenes, but making it look like stop motion gives it a unique look against other animated movies.

The comedy works really well again as well. Batman, in particular, is hilarious, and it is the perfect satire of that character. The moodiness, the ego, the petulance, it is glorious. All the characters are fairly funny. The jokes once again come fast and never stop coming. Do they all land? No, but a lot do.

It also has good music on top of that. Everything at Awesome was great, and they honestly step it up musically in this one. By the way, this one is kind of a musical. Not a full musical, but there are multiple moments where the characters break into song. But they do so in a way that is satirical, so it is funny, and not overly cheesy.

Again, it is too soon to say if this is as good as the first, but it is definitely good, and will definitely be watching it a second time when I get a chance.