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So I was at NYCC this weekend and attended the panel for the new Hellboy movie starring David Harbour. And beyond getting to hear the cast talk about the movie, which is set to be a take on the film with much more horror elements than the Guillermo Del Toro films had, I got to see something else. I got to see some footage of the movie itself. A teaser which was exclusive to Comic-Con and will not be released online, yet.

Now Harbour wanted to make it clear that Lionsgate says this is not the trailer. It certainly felt like a trailer, but technically, it is not a trailer. But regardless, I got to see it and will share my thoughts here.

It was really cool. I only got to watch it once, so I am sure there is a lot I missed. But the important thing is, I got to see Hellboy in action, and damn he looks awesome. Harbour claims the look is a 100% practical effects, and if that is true, it paid off. We have gotten to see photos of him before in all the makeup and prosthetics, but getting to see him move around on screen was a treat.

He is not the only monster to see in the movie though. I didn’t get a great look, but the footage showed him fighting some other type of large fantasy monster. Harbour called Hellboy a monster movie so hopefully, we will see lots of demons and monsters. All of the creatures we saw looked great.

The footage definitely had a comedic tone, and at least from what I aw, I did not pick up on the horror elements Harbour was boasting about. That doesn’t mean they are not there. This type of footage does not always accurately reflect a movie’s tone. Plenty of movies have had trailers that showcased a certain tone, only for the tone to drastically shift. I have no reason to mistrust Harbour, who is in fact known for being too open about information about projects he is working on. So I am more willing to trust Harbour that it will have some horror elements than base my opinion on the tone from the footage.

The footage also showcased Ian Mcshane playing Professor Broom, who was not present at the panel. On top of that, we got the first look at Mill Jovovich playing the Blood Queen, the main villain of the movie, also not present for the panel.

The not a trailer was impressive. I am optimistic about this movie, it has some great talent behind it, and the footage sown is promising.

Beyond the trailer, an interesting moment happened at the panel when a fan asked them if other members of Hellboys team will show up, such as Abe Sapien, who was played by Doug Jones in the original movies. Harbour could not answer, as he said Lionsgate told him to say nothing, but he did say he really wanted to reveal something. So this probably means some other character that has not yet been confirmed for the movie, will be appearing in some role. Will it be everyone’s favorite water creature Abe? or will it be another character like Johann Kraus? Harbour knew something that he could not talk about, which means there is some sort of exciting reveal yet to come.

Hellboy hits theaters April 12th, 2019. For now, it is something I am looking forward to.