I sadly did not get to see many movies in September. I am still hoping to see a few movies that came out in September. The Sisters Brothers is one movie I hope I can see, I have heard great things about Mandy as well. But alas, time did not allow me. But I plan to do better in October, and there are some interesting movies, both good and bad, coming out in October. There are five movies in particular that I am interested in seeing that come out in October. Four of which I am interested in because they look good, and one I want to see because it seems like it will be hilariously bad.

Bad Times at the El Royale


The second feature film from Drew Goddard. His first being the highly entertaining move A Cabin in the Woods. Beyond that, Goddard was also the Showrunner and writer for the Marvel Netflix series, Daredevil, which is some of Marvel’s best work. Put him with an All-Star cast of Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, and Dakota Johnson, and you have my interest before I learn anything about the Movie. And I don’t know too much about this movie. The trailer certainly makes the movie seem tense, but It doesn’t tell me a whole lot about the story. Which is fine with me. I know it has a good writer, good director, and a good cast. That is all I need to know to be on board.


History tells me that this movie won’t be good. How many reboots or sequels for Horror Movies this far after the original have succeeded? Nightmare on Elm Street was terrible. Friday the 13th was mediocre. Evil Dead was a travesty. Alien Covenant was terrible. But, there is some reason to believe Halloween will buck the trend. For one, Jamie Lee Curtis is back. So at the least, we know it will have a very strong lead character. Laurie remains to this day one of the better “final girl” characters in horror movie history. Jamie Lee Curtis is a great actress and her showing faith in this script by agreeing to return gives me some optimism. It also has talented creators. Granted, the creators, David Gordon Greene, and Danny Mcbride are mostly known for comedy, but they do at least have talent. And the trailer is solid. I have not one hundred percent confident in this movie, but I have enough faith to give it a chance. I hope it can at least live up to the original. I do love the idea of an older Laurie, who still bears the trauma she went through in the first movie, now obsessed with Myers, so much that it is to the point she has ostracized some of her family. Though I am curious how a Halloween movie without Dr.Loomis running around being almost as crazy as Michael will work.


Suspiria is exactly the type of movie that should get rebooted. The original had massive potential. The concept was fantastic, it just did not have the best execution. The dialogue and acting was a bit clunky. It is a movie that could actually benefit from being rebooted. And it is in the talented hands of Luca Guadangino, who directed Call Me By Your Name. I don’t know much about his version, and that is purposeful. I kind of want to go in with a blank slate. I haven’t even watched the trailer.

First Man

The third feature film from Damien Chazelle. I have loved everything he has done. Both Whiplash and La La Land were fantastic, masterpieces almost. But First Man is a big step from his other movies. His first two films were about music, but First Man has nothing to do with music, it is about Niel Armstrong. I am fascinated to see Damien step out of his comfort zone. It has a good cast with Ryan Gosling taking the lead role. It is definitely a film I am excited for.


And now we get to the film I want to see just to figure out how bad it will be. Because at this point, I am fairly certain it will be bad. This is based on Sony’s recent track record with film, specifically superhero films. Also based on the trailers looking terrible. But I feel like it will be the right kind of terrible. A train wreck that you just cannot bring yourself to look away from. If this movie is half as hysterical as Amazing Spiderman 2, it will be well worth the price of admission. The last-second change to a pg-13 rating, after the early reports it would be rated R, is a sure sign of a studio that is clueless. And a clueless studio makes for a funny movie.