It is bad, really bad. It is the most pointless and unfunny comedy I have seen in a while. The writers of this one decided instead of actually writing jokes and actually writing funny scenes, they would just put lewd imagery on the scene, and say obscene things.

Now I have nothing against an obscene sense of humor. There have been absurd and obscene movies that I have loved. South Park is one of my favorite shows, and they have zero filter, and have done things way more obscene than we see in this movie. But the problem here is that being offensive is all that the movie has going for it. And to be fair, that was pretty clear by the trailer. All the trailer had going for it was a scene where a puppet ejaculated all over an office. If shock value is all you have, you have nothing.

You need to go deeper than just being offensive and crude to be funny. Anyone can write the stuff that happens in this movie. Put seven middle schoolers to work writing a movie, they may come up with something similar. Writers with talent can be obscene, but also have satire, a good story, and more. But all this movie does is mash some puppets together and says dirty words. It isn’t clever, original, or brave. It is just crass, and lazy.

It is an insult to the history of The Muppets. They show no respect for what they are trying to parody. Which is surprising considering it is directed by Jim Henson’s son. I would be fine with a raunchy parody of The Muppets. It has been done before with success in Peter Jackson’s Meet the Feebles. But when you do it with zero care for the original product, and with no goal other than to be crude, it becomes annoying.

The talented comedic actors in this movie are just wasted. Mellisa Mccarthy continues to waste her career on lowest common denominator material. Whether it is Tammy, or Spy, or the Boss, or all her other recent films. She is better than this. She showed her potential in Bridesmaids and showed she can really act in St Vincent. But she keeps taking these roles in awful and unfunny movies. She keeps playing this same character who just yells a lot and makes fat jokes. She is capable of subtlety, I have seen in, but for some reason, she refuses to go there.

This is the most annoyed I have been all year after leaving a theater, and this may actually end up being the worst movie of the year for me. it has no artistic value. The directing is bad. The writing is garbage. The production is lousy. The actors all seem bored as if they are only there because they lost a bet. There is zero merit in this movie.