August was yet another disappointing month of movies, but it had a few bright spots, namely Eighth Grade and BlacKkKlansman. But it also had duds like The Meg, and Happytime Murders. As we come to the end of the summer, we move into September. Can September make up for a slow summer? Let’s find out.

Movies I am Looking Forward to

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Predator as a franchise has had a couple highs, but mostly lows. But I have always loved the Predator itself. It is such a great movie monster, and it seems they may actually use him well in this one. Predator has a solid director in Shane Black, a great cast, and what seems to be an amazing production value. If they can get back to the whole dynamic of a group being hunted by a vastly superior being, with great action, great creature effects, and great fight choreography, this could be a hit.

Fahrenheit 11/9

I am a big Michael Moore fan. I do not always agree with everything he says, but he is very good at what he does. And a documentary about Trump’s election sounds so fascinating.  Seeing Moore interact with trump supporters will be very interesting. I do not know a ton about this film, but just the topic and Michael Moore’s name is enough to excite me.

I am sure it will cause a lot of drama and will cause Trump to insult Moore over Twitter. As awful, evil, and dumb as Trump is, he is a fascinating figure that deserves to be studied. His false bravado, and constant need to lie to everyone, makes him an amazing topic for a documentary. Hopefully, this movie will have a positive impact in getting trump closer to being out of office and into an orange jumpsuit.


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Nicholas Cage. That is all you have to say. Nicholas Cage is an over the top and stylistic horror movie, even better.

I was not the biggest fan of the director’s first movie Over the Black Rainbow, but even in bad movies, Cage will entertain me. If this movie is good, which I hear it is, awesome. If it is bad, then at least I will get to see Nicholas Cage do crazy things. Casting Cage tells me this movie does not take itself too seriously, which should help it be closer to being actually good.


I hated Unfriended, but I did think with better directors, the idea of a film totally over webcam could work really well. And from what I hear, Searching is very good. I am a fan of John Cho, and seeing him in the lead her as a father desperate to find his missing daughter is intriguing.

I do not know a lot other than the webcam thing, and John Cho as the lead, but everything I hear about the movie is good, so I am looking forward to it.

Movies I am Not

The House with a Clock in its Walls

I don’t know what to say, other than this movie just looks boring. The trailer had nothing that peaked my interest. I am sometimes a fan of Jack Black when he is in the right role, but his acting, even in the trailers, is awful.

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The Nun

I am so over the Conjuring franchise. The first one was okay. It was nothing special. but as far as haunted house and possession movies go, it was better than most. But then we got crap like Annabelle, and Conjuring 2, and I just lost interest. Annabelle Creation was okay, but still nothing special. And now we get this, which looks like the most generic and boring horror movie in the series so far. This happens all the time with series started by James Wan, the first one stands out, and then he leaves, and the following movies all feel generic and uninspired. Wan does not always make great movies, but his movies at least feel like effort and care went into them.


Family animation movies are not always bad. Pixar has had many good movies, Disney has had many good movies. Just because a movie is animated and kid-friendly does not mean it will be bad. But there certainly are a lot of family movies that are actually not adult friendly.

Kids are fairly easy to entertain. They don’t always care about a coherent or interesting plot. The poor animation does not bother them as much. The parents who have to watch the movie with them though, often have higher standards. Smallfoot just does not feel like the type of movie that will take the adults in the theater into consideration. it looks like a bright adventure to entertain kids and leave the adults in the room bored.