Another week, another Horror Movie Marathon. This week, I chose to watch three zombie movies, because why not. Zombie movies usually range from dumb, to fun. There are some fantastic zombie movie. Some that work as straight horror movies like 28 days later and Night of the Living Dead, others that work as comedies, like Shaun of the Dead, and Zombieland. But there are also some very bad zombie movies, in fact, most zombie movies are bad. The Zombie movies I chose to watch, are not just normal Zombie movies. No, these movies are about animals becoming zombies. I watched Zombeavers, Zoombies, and Black Sheep. Can any of these strange movies be good? Let’s find out.



This movie was a blast. The key to making a great movie is self-awareness, and this movie understands just how dumb it is.

As the title suggests, this movie is about beavers, who get infected and become zombies. In the wrong hands, this movie could have easily been a chore. But luckily, it was in fine hands, with people who were able to make it the funny blast it is.

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Is the acting good? Not in the traditional sense, but the actors do a good job of giving the performance the movie calls for. The performances are fun and convincing. A little cheesy, but not distracting. So many horror movies, even horror comedies, have distractingly bad acting.

Did the Beavers look fake? Yes, but in a somewhat charming way. They were not bad computer effects, they looked like puppets. I will take cheesy looking practical effects over fake looking computer effects any day of the week.

When one is bitten by a zombie beaver, they do not just turn into a normal zombie. No, that would be boring. They grow razor-sharp buck teeth and a beaver tail. But if human zombie beavers aren’t good enough for you, how about a zombie bear zombie beaver. Yes, that is a real thing. When a bear appears early in the movie, I got excited because I thought it was teasing a zombie bear, and zombie bears are always fun. But when a bear showed up, with a beaver tail, and buck teeth, I lost it.

The movie is just funny. It is not as well made as other zombie comedies, like Shaun of the Dead, but it is still a ton of fun, and well worth a watch.


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Finishing this movie, was painful. To start, Zoombies is a dumb pun. It sounds awful. I get what they were trying to do, but it is just such a lazy pun, that isn’t even snicker-worthy.

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This film is ugly. The animals, look fake, almost as fake as the birds in Birdemic. But the screensaver birds in Birdemic were still better, because it was hilarious how they looked, the way they just floated in place on screen. If in Birdemic, they had used CGI birds, that were able to move around more, it would not have been funny just painful to look at. That is Zoombies. Yea, it is funny how stupid it looks, but that wears thin quickly.

Whereas Zombeavers succeeded in taking a dumb premise and making a funny experience, this movie has no humor. I wanted to turn it off 10 minutes in but felt if I was going to review it I had to watch the full thing.

It wasn’t until the end of the movie, that I realized it was an Asylum film. All the sudden, the movies sheer terribleness made sense. Asylum Studios is famous for making terrible, cheap looking movie, where the only goal is to create a dumb name that will pique peoples interest. They mainly put movies on the Syfy network nowadays. So all they need to get ratings, is a title that will make people searching through their guide stop, and say “What? That is a terrible idea for a movie. Eh, should be funny.”

But it almost never is. The only thing they have created that was fun, is the Sharknado franchise. Because in those movies, they finally decided that their movies should not be boring. They made it over the top and stupid. Zoombies however, just drags.


Do Not Watch


Black Sheep

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Not to be confused with the Chris Farley comedy of the same name. This Black Sheep is about zombie sheep, and boy is it a fun time. The movie was made in New Zealand. For whatever reason, New Zealand seems to produce a lot of funny movies. This particular movie is off the walls fun.

Like in Zombeavers, if someone gets bitten by a sheep, they become one. The body gore that comes from this, is amazing, even better than it was in Zombeavers. The movie, in general, has some incredible gore. Whereas Zombeavers was mostly just funny, Black Sheep at times can be horrifying, it balances the horror comedy dynamic a lot better.

The movie is still funny though. There is one great line when animal rights activists are trying to free some sheep being experimented on. And it produces this great joke.

“This isn’t going to end up like the salmon farm, is it?”

“Hey, those fish died free.”

Black Sheep is a superior version of Zombeavers. It takes the B movie formula and takes it to another level. It still is not at that Shaun of the Dead level for horror comedy, but Shaun of the Dead is a horror masterpiece. That is like saying a tv show is not as good as Breaking Bad. Black Sheep is fantastic, it is as good as a schlocky b-movie can be.


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