People are saying this is finally a good video game movie, and to that, I say, Really?

Now I did not hate this movie, but I definitely did not love it, or even really like it. It was entertaining enough, but it was very empty.

Let’s start with the good. Ryan Reynolds was great. He was the life of the movie and was constantly entertained while Pikachu was talking. And that is really it.

The character design ranged from fine, to god awful. The Gengars looked disgusting, and not in a good way. Others looked okay, but I was never blown away by how the Pokemon looked.

Even worse was the acting. Justice Smith was not great, but the female lead was really bad. I could tell it was going to be a problem from her first line, and while it was never as bad as her first scene, she was never really good either. Most other actors were forgettable, and no performance besides Reynolds stood out as anything better than mediocre.

I went in wanting to love this movie. I wanted to believe it really was a good video game movie, but I just didnt come out feeling that way.

The story was both un-interesting and needlessly complicated. They tried to pull a couple twists, but they all fell super flat, especially the twist pertaining to what happened to the main characters dad. You cant make me care about this when you never got me to care about the main character.

There are some semi-interesting action set pieces, but for some reason they never really used it being Pokemon to its advantage. We rarely saw pokemon use pokemon moves, it was just generic fighting with elemental powers. They type of stuff a franchise that isn’t pokemon could do if it wanted.

We will have to wait a while longer to see a good video game movie. I still think it can happen with the right director and writer behind the project, but it needs to be someone talented who cares about the property.

No, if your response to my review is, “Hey, it is a kids movie, so don’t be so hard on it,” I will say two things. One, I am not a kid. I am not writing this review for kids. Also, this movie is not solely targeted at kids. They very clearly want people from my generation, who grew up with Pokemon to also watch the movie. There are lots of kids movies that I have skipped because they were clearly targeted solely at children. But I do not think they would have casted Ryan Reynolds if they only wanted kids to see the movie. There have been plenty of family movies that still manage to be great. It being a kids movie is no excuse for being bad.