I liked parts of this episode. The first half where they recovered from the night before was good. Characters got a good chance to show their grief, with Dany mourning over Jorah, Sansa over Theon, Arya over Beric, Jon over Lyanna Mormont. These moments all worked, and added emotional weight to the deaths that we may have not had time to mourn over in the last episode because stuff was still happening.

We got a goodbye with Tormund, which was nice, and then a goodbye with Ghost, which was annoying. I mean we were told Ghost would get to do stuff in this season, and he didnt. He did nothing. We saw him sit there behind Jon, Sam, and Edd in episode 2 and do nothing. We saw him charge with the Dothraki in episode 3, and then he disappeared for the rest of the episode, leaving us to think he died off the screen with most of the Dothraki. And then he gets a half-hearted goodbye here, where Jon asks Tormund to take him North, and Jon doesn’t even actually say goodbye to Ghost, just stares at him and leaves. Was a really lame way to treat Ghost.

Gendry got a nice moment where Dany named him Lord of Storm’s End as the last remaining Baratheon. And then we got a moment that made me even happier when Arya declined his marriage proposal. That would have been an awful end to Arya’s story and would have ignored her entire arc up to this point. As she said, “that’s not me.” Arya can’t end up a Lady to some Lord. And then I was happy that she ended up back on the road with The Hound. Both have “business” in Kings Landing, which can only mean one thing for The Hound, CLEGANE BOWL!!!!!!

I am happy someone, VARYS, finally acknowledged that Dany’s state of mind is unraveling dangerously. He is 100% right she would make an awful ruler, and it has been obvious for a while. Her reasons for wanting to rule are incredibly selfish, and the fact she ever considered burning Kings Landing down to defeat Cersei, as she wanted to do last season, is proof she doesn’t give a crap about helping people, she just wants to be in charge. She is almost as bad as Cersei. Just because she has an aversion to slavery doesn’t mean she is a good person. People who think they are destined to rule, are dangerous, as Varys said. I am just curious what Varys is going to do. He is clearly going to betray Dany, and support Dany, and I feel like he is going to get himself killed for it. I am glad Varys’s role is being ramped up because he hasn’t had much to do recently. The scene with him and Tyrion was great, maybe my favorite part of the episode. It felt like a throwback to earlier seasons.

The Euron scene was dumb. How he keeps surprise attacking people in ships is beyond me. Sneak attacks aren’t really a thing with ships. There are ways they could have done that scene, where it didnt feel silly, but Euron sneaking up on them, again, with a fleet of ships, and shooting Rhaegal down before they even see him, is really dumb. Show Euron is really one dimensional. He is kind of fun, but also not very interesting. There isn’t much to his character, he is just a bit crazy and badass. I like him, but he could be so much more interesting.

Missandei’s death was good, kind of. On paper, it works. One of either her or Greyworm had to die. They were the most wholesome couple on the show, and there can’t be that much happiness. Also, it puts the final nail into the Dany losing her mind coffin. She saw two of her dragons die, saw her most loyal protector and friend die, learned that she is not the rightful ruler, and saw her best friend die. All she has left is her need to sit on the Iron Throne, so she is going to do whatever she needs to get her wish. It was executed well and definitely was a powerful moment. But….. it just reminds me of how poorly this show has done at representing people of color. It would be perfect if this show had more people of color, but since it has so few non-white characters, seeing one of the few non-white characters die like that is disappointing. It completely works from a story writing perspective, its just annoying from the perspective of representation.

Overall, the episode was ok. I really liked some parts, but that Euron scene is hard to ignore.

But I do have some predictions for how the final two episodes will go.

  1. Dany will execute Varys for treason.
    1. We pretty much know Varys is going to die, Mellisandre told him as much. And know that we know that he intends to support Jon as King, we kind of know how he will die as well. Dany is not likely to take treason lightly. The question is what will Varys do. He has mastered the art of undermining people he is pretending to serve to help others. Dany pointed this out last season when questioning his loyalty. I do not know what he will do, but it is going to help Jon get on the Iron Throne, and it is going to get Varys burned by Dragon Fire.
  2. Arya is going to kill Dany.
    1. Arya is going down to Kings Landing for a reason. It is probably to try and kill Cersei, but I think it will be a different blonde woman with Green eyes that she kills. We know that she has to kill someone with Green Eyes. Meli says she would close Brown Eyes (Walder Frey), Blue Eyes (Night King), and Green Eyes. I think she realizes Dany will be a threat to Jon, and kill Dany instead of going after Cersei. Cersei will be killed by someone else.
  3.  Jaime kills Cersei
    1. I have predicted this from the start, and I am sticking to it. All of the other prophecies from Maggy the Frog have come true. Cersei married a King, The King (Robert) had many children, while she had 3. All 3 died as Maggy predicted. That leaves her death, which Maggy said would be at the hands of the valonqar, or little brother. Cersei always assumed that meant Tyrion, which would be a very literal translation of little brother. But many think that it actually refers to Jaime, as he is technically a little younger than her as he was the second twin who was born. It would also be a repeat of Jaime killing the Mad King. I think Dany will be ready to do something drastic, and Jaime will have to kill her to stop it, making him both a Kingslayer and a Queen Slayer.
    1. People have long awaited the fight between The Hound and The Mountain. And I am sure we are going to get it now that The Hound is heading down to King’s Landing. What other reason could he have for heading down there? He told Arya that his brother was on his list as well. How will it end? I think it will have to be something to do with The Hound also overcoming his fear of fire. But The Hound will win.
  5. Tyrion actually Breaks the Wheel
    1. Dany told Tyrion that she wanted to break the wheel of families fighting for power while the little folk suffer. She clearly didnt mean it because what she wants is specifically for her family to be in power. But Tyrion may actually end the cycle of power struggles. End the monarchy. Create a council or something. Tyrion actually doesn’t care about family power. He actually wants to help people. It is either this, or Jon ends up as King, but I don’t really see that happening.