Holy crap!

I don’t think I could have asked for a more perfecting ending to this saga of movies. This was such an ambitious endeavor, and pulling off a satisfying ending was a monumental task, and they pulled it off.

Just to clarify, this is a spoiler review. I am going to be talking spoilers here. If you haven’t seen this movie, go see it, then come back and read this. For my non-spoiler review, all I will say is, go see it, it is great. There, now stop reading because the next paragraph will start to have spoilers.

Let’s start with that ending. I had a feeling it would all end this way. They foreshadowed it all the way back in Avengers when Cap told Tony that he was never the person to lay it down on the wire, make the sacrifice. Well, Tony proved him wrong. Tony giving his life to use the Infinity Gauntlet and snap away all of Thanos’s forces was a really satisfying ending. Then getting to see everyone at his funeral, it was a really powerful moment.

If you think about, Tony Stark is one of the biggest movie characters of all time. He is the most important character in one of the most ambitious and successful movie franchises ever. He started it all, and it is fitting he ended it all. Plus it makes it so the franchise can move into the next phase without him and character like Spider-Man can grow into their own, and some new character can become the face of the MCU.

But beyond that, that entire last act was intense as hell. I was worried about how they would pull off all the characters coming back, but it worked really well. I had literal chills when all the sling portals started opening up and everyone joined the battlefield. It was one of the coolest scenes ever in a Superhero movie, and they managed to give almost everyone a little moment.

The first two acts were good. I wasn’t blown away by them, but I enjoyed them. There were a lot of tender moments, a lot of funny moments. A lot of arcs got closed. Tony made peace with his dad. Thor learned to stop trying to be what everyone expects him to be, and to just embrace who he is. Black Widow got to make up for all the red in her ledger. That moment, in particular, was rough. I knew as soon as Hawkeye and Black Widow were sent to get the Soul Stone one of them were going to have to die. And I am happy they sent those two because both were characters with a dark past, who were desperate to repent for all the blood they shed.

Thor was a lot of fun in this movie. As soon as I saw him walking around looking like The Dude, I cracked up. It was fun watching a broken Thor. Everything he had been through over the course of the last several movies he was in, it is easy to see how he got to that point. He got to have his own deeply personal arc across this huge epic movie. He landed in a more healthy place, and we may even get more of him judging by the fact he left with the Guardians of the Galaxy. I didnt consider that, but having him in Guardians 3 would be fun, though it would create some balance issues James Gunn would have to find a way to deal with.

Speaking of the Guardians, I appreciate the way they handled the Gamora situation. It would have kind of annoyed me if they brought the original version of Gamora back because he death was such a vital part of Infinity War. Keeping all the people who died by means other than the snap dead, was the right move. Vision, Gamora, Loki, and Heimdall dead was the right move. But, Guardians with no Gamora wouldn’t be the same. So fixing it by reintroducing a different Gamora, one from a different timeline, is a good move. It will certainly cause some issues for Quill, who is in love with someone who now doesn’t know he exists, but it is an interesting story direction for the 3rd movie.

They saved themselves from any time travel problems right away by using the diverting timelines theory on time travel. So if you travel back in time, you will not be changing your timeline, you will be changing only that timeline. This saves them from having loopholes and other issues movies with time travel often fall into.

The CGI was all impressive. The movie was funny, sweet, sad, tense. Almost everything worked.

There are some moments that require a rather large suspension of disbelief. Like when Cap went to return all the Infinity Stones to their original timelines, how exactly was that going to work. To get the stones, they had to break the tesseract. How are they going to return the stone back to its original time now? How are they going to get the mind stone back into Loki’s Scepter? How are they going to get the aether back into Jane? How is the conversation with Cap and Red Skull going to go when he brings the Soul Stone back? These arent story breaking moments, and I am willing to give them a pass because its a very minor issue, and they needed it to happen this way to make the story work.

Another one is given the way time travel works in this movie, how did Old Man Steve Rodgers end up on that bench? He wouldn’t have ended up there in the original timeline, he would be in a different timeline. So how did he get there? He couldn’t have traveled back in time to see them again, because he would have had to come through the quantum portal, and I think they would have noticed that. It was a cool moment, and a nice way to reveal that he choose to stay back in time and live ou his life with Peggy, but the logic of it doesn’t quite work.

Again, these are very minor issues though. Ones I am willing to overlook.

As a whole, I don’t really have any complaints. I was never bored despite the 3 hour run time. It created a ton of interesting stories going forward, and they wrapped the Infinity Saga up in a satisfying way. I guess if I had to find a critique, it would be that Thanos is less interested in this movie. He was the main character in Infinity War. But in this one he did not get a ton of screen time. It could have been interesting to explore this new Thanos. He found out that he was destined to accomplish his own goal, and now these people were still trying to stop him. But, the movie was already 3 hours, so exploring that more may have not been an option, and they wanted to focus more on closing the stories of these heroes.

I am happy it was not Deus Ex Carol Danvers. She is a super powerful character, and just introducing her and having her save the day when she hasn’t really been a part of this whole story, would have been a lame ending. It isn’t her story yet, the next saga can be about here, but it needed to be the original six that carried the load. They gave Carol a role to play, showed off her immense power, but she didnt solely save the day, it wasn’t a case of some character none of these other characters really know showing up out of nowhere to save them, and I appreciate that.

My hope for the future of the MCU is that in the next sets of movies they take a break from having plots that involve saving the world. I think a break from that to have more personal stories, with lower stakes, would be the wise decision. Any plot about a dark elf trying to destroy the world would seem lame directly following Thanos wiping out half the universe. More stuff like SpiderMan Homecoming, where the stakes are Tony Stark is having his stuff stolen and Peter needs to prove himself, would be appreciated. Then eventually ramp back up and introduce threats like Dr. Doom and Galactus.

So the point of this long rambling review is, I loved this movie. I wanted to immediately watch it again. I am someone who likes to review movies on their own merit, and not in comparison to other movies that have nothing in common with it. So while one movie may be more artistic than another, and better from a film making standpoint, a different movie can still get a better score based on what it accomplished in its genre and from its expectations. With that said, I am giving this movie a 10/10. Is it going to get a Best Picture Nomination? Probably not. I mean it could. They gave Toy Story 3 a Best Picture nomination and this is way better than Toy Story 3. But Endgame accomplished everything it set out to accomplish. It is pretty much the perfect version of what it could possibly be. So it gets a perfect score.