4 more episodes to go. This episode was chock full of great dialogue and character interactions. I know many were disappointed that there was no action, but I am not really sure what kind of action fans wanted. Some random scene of White Walkers raiding a town in the North? Most people are at Winterfell. Just appreciate the time we have left with these characters, there will be plenty of great action in the next 4 episodes.

I personally loved this episode. It was funny, dramatic, and gave us some closure into these characters we love before many of them will die. Everyone up in the North, except for Varys, got a scene setting them up for the next episode. Presumably, because Varys does not have much to do in the next episode, having no combat experience, he will most likely stay in the crypt, but everyone who will be in danger got their moment here. So this week, I will take a look at the arc of all the named characters who are at Winterfell and make my predictions on if they will survive.

Best Moments

  1. Fireside Chat
    1. This scene was amazing. It had pretty much all my favorite characters, minus Bronn and The Hound, all in one place. Tyrion, Jaime, Davos, Tormund, Brienne, and Pod. Between Tormund grossing everyone out by telling people how he got his nickname, Pod regaling us with a lovely yet haunting song, Tyrion sneaking Pod wine, it was great. But by far the best moment was Brienne finally being Knighted. She is more deserving of knighthood than anyone, and finally being rewarded sort of brings her arc to an end. I’m not sure whose face was better, Brienne’s look of pure joy, or Tormund looking so proud of her. It was a beautiful moment ahead of what will probably be a very sad episode next week.
  2. Jaime’s trial
    1. The episode kicked off with Jaime being grilled about all his misdeeds. It was a good way to remind us just how far Jaime has come. He went from being super hateable to being one of the most relatable and likable characters. Brienne stood up for him, and while Dany still clearly is wary of him, he was allowed to stay.
  3. Arya got Some
    1. The Will they won’t they tension between Gendry and Arya paid off when they did the classic make love before a big battle moment. Most of Arya’s moments in this episode were about her relationship with Gendry, with the exception of a short scene between her and the Hound. Let’s just be happy it wasn’t the Hound she chose to take to bed. But she also got a new weapon before jumping Gendry. So it will be interesting to see exactly what this special weapon can do in the next episode.
  4. Theon is a hero
    1. Theon showed up at Winterfell and told Sansa he wants to fight for House Stark. Most of Theon’s arc has been about his dual loyalties to House Stark and Greyjoy. He is Greyjoy by blood but was as raised by Stark’s, and as has been said before, Eddard was more a father to him than Balon was. Well, he finally reconciled that, and to great risk to his life, came back to Winterfell to stand with the Stark’s. More notable, he took an even greater risk by stepping forward to be the person who guards Bran, when Bran awaits in the Godswood for The Night King. Theon is definitely redeeming himself for his past sins.
  5. Jon Confesses to Dany
    1. The episode ended with Jon telling Dany about his true heritage. He is Aegon Targaryen, Rhaegars one true heir. Which to Dany means she is no longer the rightful ruler of Westeros. She didnt get much chance to react before the undead army arrived, but she did not seem to be taking the news well. We most likely will not get a quick payoff to this, but I am deeply interested in seeing how she eventually responds to this news.

Live or die predictions

  1. Jon Snow (Stark?) (Aegon Targaryen?)
    1. Not quite sure what I should call him now. But it is clear Jon still has a lot of story left. They will not kill him without paying off the Aegon storyline.
    2. Verdict- Lives
  2. Daenerys Targaryen
    1. Her arc has nothing to do with the Night King. It would be a waste for her to die here.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  3. Tyrion Lannister
    1. Like Dany, his story has very little to do with the White Walkers. I can’t see him dying before they return to Kings Landing to deal with Cersei.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  4. Jaime Lannister
    1. Same situation as Tyrion, he will not die before the Cersei storyline in wrapped up.
    2. Verdict- Lives
  5. Arya Stark
    1. Her arc has always been about revenge. I feel like if she is going to die, it will be in an effort to exact her revenge, not against an army of the undead who she has no connection to.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  6. Sansa Stark
    1. She will not be involved in the fight. I have a hard time seeing how she could die here. She may die later, but not at the hands of the undead.
  7. Bran Stark
    1. Unlike the last group of people, Bran’s storyline has everything to do with the White Walkers. He is the first person I have mentioned yet that could die. He is definitely going to come face to face with the Night King, putting him in a ton of danger, and he would have nothing to do with the plot to take the throne back from Cersei. I can see a death for Bran, that reveals a way to kill the Night King.
    2. Verdict- Dies
  8. Theon Greyjoy
    1. Theon will be with Bran, putting him in mortal danger. Theon’sarc is pretty much complete. HGe has redeemed himself, putting aside his cowardice to make up his sins to the Starks. A heroic death, to hold off The Night King until help can arrive would be a great ending to Theon’s story.
    2. Verdict- Dies
  9. Greyworm
    1. The loyal commander to Dany’s army. He made the fatal mistake of discussing his post-war retirement. Missandei will have some heartbreak to deal with.
    2. Verdict- Dies
  10. Missandei
    1. She will be in the crypts, completely out of the way of danger. I can’t see how she dies.
    2. Verdict- Lives
  11. Jorah Mormont
    1. I am torn here. On one hand, I don’t know if there is much arc left to his story so he could die, but I also don’t see much reason for him to die. Unless it is to save Dany. I have been fairly confident in my last 10 predictions, but this is tough. I am going to say he makes it, he does have a nice new sword courtesy of Sam to protect himself with.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  12. Davos Seaworth
    1. Davos is a survivor. He makes it through everything. I think the Onion Knight will make it through another one here. Besides, while he will be out there, his job is to signal from atop the wall, meaning he won’t be directly in harm’s way.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  13. Varys
    1. Melisandre told him he was going to die, but she said she would too, and she isn’t back yet. I think he survives at least until she returns. And Varys had little to no screen time, and I feel like if he were to die, he would at least get some time of close to his arc before so.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  14. Gendry
    1. I am worried for Gendry. I don’t know what role he has to play beyond this episode, and killing him off would be good motivation for Arya to add The Night King to her list.
    2. Verdict-Dies
  15. Beric Dondarion
    1. Beric has outlived his book counterpart and has no role to play in any storylines past the White Walkers. He may die for the final time.
    2. Verdict-Dead
  16. The Hound
    1. I think a heroic death is in The Hounds future. Much like Theon, The Hound’s arc has been all about redeeming himself for his selfish actions in the past. But I don’t think it happens here.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  17. Sam Tarly
    1. Sam is a lock to live. He is going to write the story of this when it ends.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  18. Dolores Ed
    1. Poor Ed always has the worst of luck. He has never had much of an arc, he is just kind of there. That means he could live or die, and it is more or less a coin flip. All depends on how much they want to pad the body count,
    2. Verdict-Dies
  19. Tormund Giantsbane
    1. I am worried about Tormund. Like Ed, he doesn’t have much of an arc, he is just a funny likable badass. Which means they can kill him without hurting the story if they want/ But with so many more meaningful deaths happening already in these predictions, I think they spare him, though I won’t be surprised if he does fall.
    2. Verdict- Lives
  20.  Brienne of Tarth
    1. Brienne’s arc is over, she is a knight. Many think that means she will die, and they may be right. But, I think she will make it. She still has a role to play in the stories to come past the next episode.
    2. Verdict- Lives
  21. Ghost
    1. If Ghost dies, we riot
    2. Verdict- Lives
  22. Podrick Payne
    1. If Pod dies, we riot.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  23. Bronze Yohn Royce
    1. If you don’t know who he is, he is the fat guy who is always around Sansa who gives Tyrion the stink eye. Doubt he dies here, maybe later.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  24. Lyanna Mormont
    1. They better not kill her.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  25. Nymeria
    1. Will her and her Wolf army show up? I hope so. That whole thing needs to go somewhere. If she does, I don’t think she will die.
    2. Verdict-Lives
  26. Gilly and Little Sam
    1. They won’t die
    2. Verdict-Live

I think that is everyone.

I loved this episode. I have already watched it 3 times. It has no down moments and has a little moment for pretty much everyone I listed above. But now I am just anxious for this next episode where all the happy feelings from episode 2 will turn into horror.