5. Adam McKay for “Vice”

Adam McKay did not do that good of a job. The movie is kind of all over the place, you know, lacking direction.

4. Pawel Pawlikowski for “Cold War”

I liked the movie, it was well crafted, but I see the other directors handprints on their movie better. Also, this movie was too short, which could be script related but could be because they cut too much out.

3. Spike Lee for “BlackKklansmen”

Spike Lee does deserve a Best Director Oscar, at some point. Is this his best movie? No. But that does not mean they won’t award him for this. The Departed is not Martin Scorsese’s best work, but they gave him what amounts to a lifetime achievement award that year. Same goes for Guillmero Del Toro last year with “The Shape of Water,” Ang Lee with Life of Pi, Alfonso Cuaron with “Gravity,” and even more examples. This award has at times, ben a way to award directors, not for their current work, but more their body of work. If that is the case this year, Spike Lee could certainly win as he has been a fixture of the industry for a while.

2. Alfonso Cuaron for “Roma”

He did a great job, and the Academy loves him. Though of the 3 deserving candidates, he is the only one who already has a Best Director Oscar. He won the Golden Globe, which usually bolds well. If he wins he deserves it. I do think it will either be him or Lee, as Lanthimos does not have as much Hollywood clout as them.

1. Yorgos Lanthimos  for “The Favourite”

Yorgos deserves more credit. He is a fantastic director, who ends up on the fringes of Hollywood because his films are very weird. But with The Favourite, he has made a movie that is about as mainstream as he can get. Like David Lynch doing Mulholland Drive, which he was nominated for. But, it is still not enough to help him win. I think he deserves it this year, but will not get it.


Damien Chazelle and Barry Jenkins

Who Should Win

Yorgos Lanthimos

Who Will Win

Spike Lee