Before I get to Best Picture, I wanted to round up some of the other categories. For these ones, I will just be making my predictions for the winners, because I do not have a ton to talk about with them. And I also haven’t seen some of the movies nominated in these categories

Documentary (Feature)

Free Solo and RBG are the contenders. Most of the hype is around Free Solo though, so I will pick that.

Snubbed- Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Winner- Free Solo


Documentary (Short)

I have not seen any of these yet. But I do understand the Academy, and they usually pick whatever is mot relevant in these categories. So I will predict that Black Sheep will win, as it involves immigrants/refugees dealing with racism, which seems super relevant.

Winner- Black Sheep


Foreign Language

Roma, it is Roma, that is obvious. it is the only Foreign Film nominated for Best Picture. And the only one nominated in more than two categories. This is a lock.

Snubbed- Burning

Winner- Roma


Short Film

I actually saw one of these, namely, Marguerite, and it was really good so I will pick that one.

Winner- Marguerite


Best Costume Design

Buster Scruggs had some awesome costumes, but The Favourite has this one in the bag.

Winner- The Favourite


Make-up and Hairstyling

This one is a lock, Vice is going to win.

Winner- Vice


Production Design

The Favourite, easy.

Winner- The Favourite