Animated Feature

N/A. Mirai

Haven’t seen it, haven’t even heard of it, cannot find a way to watch it. I am sure it is great, but I can’t really say for sure, and it has little to no chance of winning.

4. Incredibles 2

I was so disappointed n this movie. It is not bad, it is just, mediocre. It felt like a forced sequel, which is how most Disney/ Pixar sequels feel. The first made money and is beloved, so they forced a sequel to cash in, and put out a half ass effort. it felt like a lazy rehash of the first movie. All the growth these characters had in the first one, disappeared. Multiple characters went through almost the exact same arc as they did in the first. I do not think this deserves to win, but it being a Pixar film, it has a good chance.

3. Ralph Breaks the Internet

A slightly better Disney sequel. There were some clever things at work here. The way they created the fictional world within the internet was a lot of fun, and it at least was a new story where the characters had to learn new lessons and grow even more than they did in the first. I enjoyed the movie, I just do not think it is better than the next two. But again, Disney, so it can win. The animated awards have almost always gone to Disney or Pixar. The last time Disney or Pixar did not win was 2011 and in that year the only animated movie from Disney was Cars 2. And before that, you would have to go back all the way to 2006, which is the year Cars 1 came out. In fact, in 18 years of this award, Disney has won 14 times, and two of those times were the first two years of the award’s existence. It is pretty much the Disney award.

2. Spider-Man Into the Spiderverse

I was surprised by how great this movie is. Amazing creative animation, a great sense of humor, good voice acting, and just a ton of fun. It also has a significant amount of public goodwill, as it was the feature-length debut of Miles Morales. It stands a better chance of beating the Disney movie than anything in recent memory. Last year nothing had a chance against Coco. This year, Spider-Man has a punchers chance to beat one of the Disney movies.

1. Isle of Dogs

Wes Anderson deserves more love. This movie is so great. I love Stop Motion, and when people put as much care into stop motion as Wes Anderson does, it comes out great and did here. Alas, it will not win. Besides for Mirai, it has the least chance of winning.


Well the only other animated movie I remember seeing this year was Early Man, and I would not say it deserves a nom, was kind of bland, so I guess they got the noms right here.

What Should Win

Isle of Dogs, or Spider-Man

These two are equally amazing. either would be a good choice, but Spider-Man is the much likelier of the two so I will root for it to win.

What Will Win

Incredibles 2

It is very hard to argue with the track record here. Any time Disney or Pixar has a had a legit contender, they have won, even when there have been clearly better movies. I hope I am wrong, but this is my prediction.


Animated Short

I am not going to review these movies, mostly because I have only seen two of them. But I will make my prediction. The Pixar movie will win. Bao was really interesting, and it has the Pixar name. Last year Pixar got beat because another nominee had a big name behind it, namely Kobe Bryant and John Williams. Pixar/ Disney wins this award all the time, and they will get back to winning this year.