And by back, I mean back to making bad movies.

I have never been a big fan of M. Night. Sixth Sense is an amazing movie, and Unbreakable is a flawed yet very good movie. But after that, I haven’t really liked anything he has done. I think Signs is massively overrated, The Village has some promise by is overall boring and has a nonsensical ending. Lady in the Water is… weird. The Happening is amazing, but for all the wrong reasons. And everything that followed is white noise. Then Split came along, and it was good. And hope grew that M. Night could have figured it all out again.


Glass is just as much of a mess as some of M. Nights other duds. The plot is all over the place. It will look as though it is taking an interesting turn, but then contradict itself. The acting ranges from good (McAvoy), to bad (Paulson), to comical (Jackson, too completely uninterested (Willis). All four are capable of being good actors, but Paulson and Jackson get very little to work with, and Willis stopped caring a long time ago.

There is occasionally an interesting shot, but mostly the camera work and cinematography is so plain and uninspired, almost as if M Night cared as much as Willis does. The original Unbreakable was full of intriguing camera angles and shots, and it really helped support the story. But this movie felt cookie cutter.

One reason why Split was so interesting and this failed, maybe that M. Night wrote Split a long time ago before his ego imploded. It was a passion project he wanted to make. This, clearly was not.

Nothing happens for so much of the film. The trailer showed the 3 characters in a psych ward. What the trailer didnt show was that would be the setting of the vast majority of the movie.  Then when stuff does start happening, you almost wish you could go back to seeing nothing happen.

It is really sad because I wanted this movie to be good so badly, but M Night just does not have good ideas anymore. He went off the rails some point around when he cast himself as a writer, whose work is unappreciated in his time, but will one day save the world. In case you don’t know what I am referring to, go check out Lady in the Water, and prepare for the most asinine director cameo in cinematic history.

Anyway. Glass is bad. Bad bad. It had very few redeeming qualities.