Yesterday I wrote a spoiler-free review of this movie here. If you have not seen the movie yet, I would recommend clicking away and reading that one instead. I will be going into spoilers, and I would hate to ruin the many twists and turns this movie takes for you, at least ruin them more than the trailers already did.

To start, I loved the movie. As I said in the other view, it had great writing, acting, and cinematography. I love how it managed to not be completely predictable. I did not see Jon Hamm dying so early. I did not forsee Dakota Johnson’s character getting shot instead of Miles. It had twists, without them feeling forced. Many films with this many twists will often come off as being clumsy, but the story progression felt natural.

Though there are some things I have had a problem with as far as the story goes. For one, we never figure out who killed Nick Offerman’s character. Seeing as it is what starts the film out, I was expecting some answers, but it never happened. Was it their other partner, the reckless one referred to as ‘The Kid?’ Was it Miles? Are those two characters the same person? It seems strange to not even give a clue. Perhaps I missed something.

Who was on the tape? We know it is an important figure, who recently died? Given the movie is based in 1970, my guess would be Robert F Kennedy, but it would have been nice to get at least a better hint.

What was Jon Hamm’s character there to investigate? We know he was retrieving some surveillance equipment. We know that he found surveillance equipment his agency did not place there, which led him to investigate, and then found the observation area behind each room. But we never got a clear answer to why his agency was bugging that room to begin with. Again, since I have only seen it once I am open to the idea that maybe I missed the answer here.

I am also upset that the trailer spoiled the fact that Jeff Bridges’ character is not a priest. The trailers made this very clear, leading me to believe that it is something you know from the start of the movie. But the movie treats this as a twist. We do not figure it out until the middle of the second act. We know he is up to something, and that he is looking for the money, but my interpretation of his arc before the reveal he isn’t a priest may have been different had I not already known he was lying.

Don’t let these critiques make you think I do not like the movie. I really like it, and these potential plot holes don’t hurt my view of the movie. But there was potential for the movie to maybe be better.

It is still a great movie, one of the best I have seen this year. For the reasons, I listed in both this review and my spoiler free review. It is not perfect, and I probably liked Drew Goddard’s other film, A Cabin in the Woods, more, but I do really like it.