Giant shark, check. Jason Statham being Jason Statham, check. Rainn Wilson as comedic relief, check. R rating, che… wait, what do you mean the movie about a Giant Shark killing people is pg-13? So there is no blood? People who die just kind of get swallowed or all the violence is off-screen? What the hell?

Here is a tip stop making your violent horror movies pg-13.  What good is a shark movie if it has no teeth? The entire reason people want to see your movie is to see a megalodon eat people. A shark movie with no blood would be like watching a pg-13 version of Deadpool. If your shark movie can be shown on TV, without being edited or censored, then you have done something wrong.

Lack of on-screen violence aside, this movie was a disappointment. I was not expecting a good movie, but I did expect a fun movie. I went in expecting to see a movie dumb enough that I could just sit back and enjoy it, but it was just so tame. And the story, characters, and writing were not good enough to save it.

It is not bad, in fact, it has some positive aspects. For instance, the Sharks look great. I mean with what they spent on this movie, it better look good. The acting is fine. All the actors play a character well suited for them. There is no depth to the characters though. And it is kind of fun, but I left the theater just wanting for more.

I feel like this movie could have been so much more. They have a good cast, and the budget to make the movie work, but it is just so tame that it fails to impress. This movie should have been campy fun. It should have been like Piranha. It should be bloody, obscene, and crazy. But it isn’t. It is just a tame, run of the mill, shark movie.