So I saw “Eighth Grade,” and it was really good. A review of it will be coming this week, but I have bigger fish to fry in this article. Today, I am tackling the MPAA. For those who do not know, the MPAA is the Motion Picture Association of America, and they are the ones in charge of deciding what rating a movie gets in American theaters. And the way they choose to rate movies is really dumb.

Eighth Grade is a movie with very strong themes and is perfect to watch for any teenager. It has some great lessons that would be super valuable at that age. It lets teens know that the crap they are going through is normal, and most of their classmates have similar issues. But many teens will not get to see it, because those assholes at the MPAA decided to give it an R Rating. The reason it got an R, is listed as language, and some sexual material.

If there is anyone in America who thinks that teens do not already know the word fuck, they are morons. Teenagers curse all the fucking time. Hearing the word fuck is not going to harm teens. And sexual material? There is no nudity, no real sex. The movie just has teens talking about sex. Oh, the horror. We can’t have kids talking about sex. Sure, they already do talk about sex, but we don’t want to acknowledge that so let’s pretend it doesn’t happen and coddle them from sex in movies.

Kids know what sex is, stop shielding them from the real world. In fact, they should be learning about sex in healthy ways. Studies literally show that kid with an education about sex are less likely to get STDs, and less likely to get pregnant. You are doing them a disservice by coddling them and hiding them from things that make you uncomfortable.

So now, because of some old suits in Hollywood decided that the word fuck is just too much for young audiences, the people who would most benefit from seeing this movie, may not be able to see it.

And this is not some random case of the MPAA giving out dumbass ratings. The TRUtv show “Adam Ruins Everything” did an amazing piece of the MPAA and their archaic methods of rating movies. They treat gay sex scenes differently than straight sex scenes. Movies can have over the top violence and get pg 13 as long as they don’t show blood, but a couple fucks and the movie gets an R rating.

These rating impact movies. Obviously, an R rating limits your audience, making it harder to make money. So studios bend to the will of the MPAA so they can get a pg-13 rating. The fact the ratings are decided by such moronic, arbitrary standards, is awful.

So I say fuck the MPAA. Take your kids to see Eighth Grade, hell take them to see other r rated movies. If they are old enough to get into a pg-13 movie, they are old enough to deal with r rated movies. 14-year-olds will be able to deal with Deadpool. Ratings in this country are moronic, and should mostly be ignored.

There is no valid reason for a movie like Eighth Grade to be rated R. Stop protecting them from content they are already aware of. I promise, hearing the word Fuck will not harm them, and hearing characters talk about sex may actually help them

And again, Fuck the MPAA.