Another fairly disappointing month of summer movies is in the books as we close out July. Skyscraper was awful, Ant-Man and the Wasp was fine. Mission Impossible was the only standout, but I did not get to see that movie, because Moviepass decided to blackout that movie. There were movies that were good in July, but most of them were Limited releases like Eighth Grade, which is not playing at any theater within 45 minutes of me yet. The movies I did get to see, did not leave much of a mark.

So now we enter August? Can it make up for a fairly lackluster summer? I am not so sure. Let’s look at the Nationwide releases coming in August. I would love to look at some smaller Indie releases as well, but I do not think I will get to see any of them in August. I usually have to wait until they come out to stream to see them so I will keep this preview to Major releases.

August 3rd Releases

The Darkest Minds

Another adaption of a book targeted at tweens. I never read the book, and I will not see the movie. It just does not look like it is for me. It looks just as dumb as those Divergent movies. The cheesy music being played in the trailer, the obnoxious font used in the trailer. I will say that they at least seemed to cast age-appropriate actors to play the teens in their movies. Though that could hurt them, since the selling point for these movies is usually hot attractive the characters are, and casting actual teens takes that away. It will be a no from me on this one.


Death of a Nation

I cannot believe this trash is getting a wide release. Dinesh D’souza is not qualified to make a documentary about anything, especially not American history. Dinesh is a conspiracy theory nutjob, and also a felon, who made a propaganda film, called it a documentary, and somehow got it a wide release. It is adorable that he learned how to use clip art to add some special effects to his propaganda film. If you haven’t figured out yet, I will not be seeing this. I feel bad even putting this on here. Do not see it. Do not give that crook D’souza any money. He should be in jail, not at the box office.


The Spy Who Dumped Me

It is not a good sign when I can watch a trailer for something that is supposed to be a comedy, and not laugh. I watched the trailer and was left wondering where the jokes were. It is a problem with modern comedy, bad writing. They think they can just throw underdeveloped characters into absurd situations, and get laughs. But it does not work that way. Having two non-spies, be forced to act like spies, is no funnier than seeing Kevin James fight criminals as a mall security guard. And yes, I just compared this movie to Paul Blart, because it looks that unfunny. I wish Kate Mckinnon would stop being wasted on bad scripts.


Christopher Robin

I have talked about this movie before here. 

I am mildly excited about this movie. I doubt it will be great, but it looks entertaining, and genuine at least. I don’t think I will spend money on it, but if I have time, I may go see it.

August 10th Releases


Remember when Slender Man was relevant? You have to think a little way back, but he used to be kind of iconic. I was surprised no one capitalized on it while the game was still popular, but the moment passed. But some studio still decided to make a movie, and boy does it look dumb. I just hope it is the good kind of dumb, as in the kind I can laugh at, rather than the boring, annoying type of dumb so many horror movies seem to be. From the trailer, it looks like a lazy jump scare fest, with no character development, or writing. I think I will pass. Unless I hear that the movie is just so bad that it becomes funny.


The Meg

Speaking of movies that look dumb, here is a movie about a giant shark. When I talk about the right kind of stupid, I am talking about movies like this. I am sure this movie will not be great, but I expect it will be fun. Moviepass is not letting people use it to see this movie, but I may just pay to see this movie. I am all for a dumb shark movie with Jason Statham.



Nope. Not going to see it. Have no interest.



Okay, so I am technically breaking my own rules by including a movie getting a limited release. But this one will actually release in my theater so I will count. I am not sure where it is limited, but it seems to be a very wide version of a limited release. And I am excited about this movie. Spike Lee, when he tries, has made some great movies. And he is at his best when making racial dramas with dark humor. This has a great cast, and a great story to tell. It plays around in the blaxploitation genre, without crossing completely into it. Of all the August movies, I think I am most excited to see this one.


August 15th Releases

Crazy Rich Asians

It definitely hits all the romantic comedy cliches. Fish out of Water, someone has to win over an in law, etc, etc. That is not a bad thing though. I do not think this is the type of movie for me, as I am usually not a fan of the genre, but I am happy this exists. Diversity is important, and I hope this movie does well and proves that to Hollywood.


August 17th Releases


I have no emotion towards this movie. I watched the trailer and felt nothing. That does not bode well for my chances of seeing it. The premise, the setting, the trailer, it all bores me.


Mile 22

Generic looking spy/action movie. Mark Wahlberg does not get me to the movies. He is not an interesting actor. Nothing in this trailer makes me want to see the movie. I feel like I have seen this movie before because nothing about it seems special or new. It looks cookie cutter, plain, uninspired.


August 24th Releases

The Happytime Murders

Hmm, I am torn on this one. On one hand, I love the concept of an Adult Satire of the Muppets. It is even directed by Brian Henson, who has made many muppets movies and is the son of Jim Henson. But the trailer itself does not get me too excited. The humor shown in the trailer is all very surface level. None of it is clever at all, it is all gross-out humor. I am fine with there being a lot of gross-out humor, but I want it to be accompanied by intelligent satire. Anyone can do this type of humor. Now maybe that is just what they put in the trailer because it is harder to advertise clever satire. I will give it a chance, I just hope to get more than what I saw in the trailer.