With the DC Cinematic Universes track record, I try to stay skeptical of anything they put out. But I have to admit, this looks like so much fun.

This trailer perfectly matches the tone that a Shazam movie should have. It is fun, light-hearted, and comedic. I have always loved Shazam as a character. The premise of a superhero, with the kind of the child, is open to a lot of fun possibilities. And while it probably will not come up in this movie, I always liked the dynamic of him hiding that information from the Justice League.

The trailer does not give much story-wise, but that is a good thing. We only got a very brief glimpse of the villain, who is apparently being played by Mark Strong. The trailer mostly just serves as an intro to the character, with the first half of the trailer focusing on Billy Batson, and then the next half on his alter ego Shazam. And they really nailed the dynamic of both of them. Billy is shown as a bit of a troublemaker but is capable of heroism. But because he is a kid, that heroism creates trouble for him.

The suit looks amazing. There is often concern that a costume of an animated superhero will not transfer to live action, but it really does look great. What really stands out about it is how bright it is. One of my problems with other DC movies is the color in them all seemed so muted. But the costume sticks out so much with its bright red, and I really do love it.

Zachary Levi seems like the perfect fit for the role. There was concern he was not big enough, but with the suit, they can put in fake muscles, as they do for many other superheroes. It really is not a big deal. What is a big deal, is his personality. From what we saw, he is really pulling off the kid trapped in a superhero’s body thing well.

Overall, it renewed my excitement. I will still be cautiously skeptical, just because I thought the Suicide Squad trailers were amazing and then the movie was awful, but I now do have some faith in this movie. Hopefully, it pays off.

Verdict: Interested