Damn! This looks awesome.

I liked the first Godzilla, though I thought it dragged a little after the first act, where there were no longer any interesting characters. But what it did really well, was its monsters. Godzilla was as cool as he has ever been. He looked amazing, and so did the other Kaiju. They were massive in size and seeing them cause mayhem, and then fight was truly an epic sight.

This movie seems to be stepping it up. It introduces three more classic Kaiju, or as this movie is calling them, “Titans”. Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah. And they all look awesome. It remains to be seen how big of a role they will each play, but I am excited to see where they take this. With Ghidorah seeming massive, even in comparison to the other three, I am hoping we can see a battle between all 4, with Godzilla, Mothra, and Rodan teaming up to take down the three-headed Dragon.

The Monster Universe has been okay so far. Exciting, but a bit empty in the story and character department. Godzilla and Kong were both okay movies, but King of the Monsters just may be the movie that really launches this cinematic universe into something special. The effects look great. Plus it has an amazing cast. Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things is in it. Charles Dance, who may be best known as Tywin Lannister, is in it. Thomas Middleditch from Silicon Valley is in it. Sally Hawkins from The Shape of Water. Kyle Chandler, Vera Farmiga, and O’Shea Jackson Jr also join the cast.  Hopefully, the superstar cast will be put to good use with better writing and character arcs. So far Bryan Cranston has been the only character that I was really invested in among these movies.

I do not know if the movie will tell a good story. But I am fairly confident this movie will at the least, be a really cool monster movie. And if that is all I get, I will be happy. If we also get a great story and characters, even better. Regardless, I am excited about this movie. To me, this was the best trailer shown at San Diego Comic Con.

Verdict: Very Excited