Glass, the long-awaited sequel to one of M. Night Shyamalan’s first movies, Unbreakable. It also serves as a sequel to his most recent movie, Split. Split was a bit of a career renaissance for M Night. He had been a joke for a while, having not made a good movie since his blockbuster sensation, The Sixth Sense. After that, he made Signs, and it all started to go downhill.

But Split was a genuinely good movie. And it ended, with the reveal of Bruce Willis’s character David Dunn, who was the main character in Unbreakable. Then we learned that not only would both Bruce Willis and James Mcavoy’s character Kevin Crumb return for another movie, but so will Samuel L Jackson, reprising his role as Mr. Glass from Unbreakable.

It was one of the first times in a while M. Night got signifigant buzz. People pretty much forgot about his cold spell, and the hype train for Glass started rolling. Even I got excited.

So does the trailer look good? Well, yes, and no.

I am still excited about it, and the trailer did make me excited about where the story is going. I like the whole idea of these characters powers being doubted, and them being treated as insane for thinking they have powers. I like the idea of Glass and Crumb teaming up. What makes me pause, is the way the trailer is edited. Is it just me, or is the editing here kind of sloppy. It feels super choppy, like something a fan would do while trying to hack together their own trailer. There are lines in the trailer that clearly do not follow the path they will follow in the movie. I mean of course they cut stuff out to save time in the trailer, but it is the way they did it that just makes it feel so sloppy.

I don’t think this will even be a problem with the movie though, it is just something I noticed. I am still not sure if I can trust M. Night. One good movie is not enough to convince me he has turned a leaf. Though like Split, this is another case of M Night revisiting something he wrote a while ago. He has said he wanted Unbreakable to be a true comic book movie, but couldn’t make it one because the studio did not think superhero movies could sell back then. With that being proved false, he can make the comic book movie he wanted to make back then. He even created the character of Crumb back then as well apparently, so it is not like Split was some idea he recently developed. So perhaps the way to overcome his recent struggles is just to revisit old ideas, from when he was still seen as an up incoming director.

I am cautiously optimistic for now. Unbreakable was a very good movie, and I am excited to revisit these character. It obviously has three very talented stars to lead the way. If M Night can focus, and get back to what made him a rising star, he could make his best movie yet.

Verdict: Cautiously Excited