I have not been sure what to think of this movie. On one hand, it is directed by James Wan. And while I have not always loved his movies, I have always respected that it has always felt like his movies were crafted with effort and care. They never feel lazy, which is rare in horror movies, the genre he usually works in. On the other, DC has a very poor track record so far.

Now with this trailer, I am still torn. Overall I liked the tone of the trailer. It seems like a movie that is not afraid to be fun. It also seems to have the feel of an epic, with the trailer teasing what seems to be a big war scene, with all types of sea monsters, and machines.

The thing that concerns me though is some of the CGI does not look too good. It is something that happens in trailers a lot. Sometimes it turns out to be nothing because they still make just be putting on some finishing touches. But other times, it turns out to be a serious issue.

Some of the underwater stuff just doesn’t look right. It looks good in close-ups, but when there is action, it has that glossy quality mediocre CGI often has. It reminds me of Cyborg in Justice League. And while it was a little better in the movie than in the trailers, it still did not come out quite right. Now if the rest of the movie is good, I could overlook some glossy CGI, it is just something I noticed in the trailer. It just concerns me because the movie seems very reliant on CGI, and DC has really stumbled in that department so far.

The rest seems good. Like I said. I have trust in James Wan as a director. I think at the least, he should put out a fun movie, provided WB has learned its lesson and does not interfere as much as they did in some of the other movies. I will probably give this movie a chance. I have very little faith in this studio right now, but the trailer gives me some reason to give it a shot.

Verdict: Cautiously Interested