What the hell is this?

Titans, also known as The Teen Titans, is such a great property, or at least was so. The comics are fantastic. the old animated show was great. And even Young Justice, which was an adaption of the Titans storyline just with a different name and some different character, was great. But this, this is awful.

I do not know what the worst part of this trailer is. The music is awful. The dialogue they show is awful. The effects we see are terrible. The acting is crap. The tone is embarrassing. I see very few redeemable qualities out of this trailer.

To me, it feels like they rounded up some teens shopping in Hot Topic, and let them create a Titans Tv Show. That is the tone it is putting off. This show seems to be making a real effort to be edgy.

“Fuck Batman.”

Really? Who writes this? It is completely reasonable for Dick Grayson to be at a point in his life where he hates Batman. But there are so many better ways to show this, without resorting to crappy writing like this. And so much of the dialogue is like this. It is all so surface level, and cringe.

The makeup/ effects on both Starfire and Beast Boy look awful. The effects when Raven is using her powers are awful. Everything looks terrible actually. The trailer is an eyesore.

I was lowkey excited when they announced a live action Titans show, but this trailer made me lose all interest. I don’t even care about its inaccuracy to the source material. I just think it looks awful in general. It looks like it is taking the worst aspects of the CW live shows, and amplifying them. I foresee a very melodramatic show, that feels more like a soap opera than it does a superhero show. No thank you.

Verdict: Looks like Garbage