I had very low expectations for the original Goosebumps movie. I thought it looked like it would be awful. But when I actually got around to watching it, it was not bad. It wasn’t very good either, but it was passable. Mindless, but fun. It did not pretend to be anything it wasn’t. Some jokes felt forced, some of the animation was subpar, but I mostly enjoyed it. I never watched it again, because I never wanted to, but I did not regret watching it the first time.

But now this is coming out, and once again, from the trailer, it just looks awful. For one, it looks like a complete rehash. Slappy the dummy comes to life, unleashes a bunch of monsters into the town, and they have to stop him. Literally the exact same plot.

They couldn’t think of anything new to do? Maybe in the actual movie, there will be something that makes it seem fresh, but the trailer suggests we will get the exact same movie, but with new characters.

So I will not see this in theaters.  I did not see the first movie in theaters either ( I believe I rented it on Redbox). If it gets okay buzz, I may see it whenever I can do so for free. But my current interest in this movie could not be lower.

Verdict: Will Not See