A new trailer for the upcoming live-action edition of Winnie the Pooh has dropped. When I heard about this movie, I was very skeptical. To me, Pooh felt like a character that relied heavily on being animated. it was always a heartwarming story, that was maybe too whimsical for live action. But with the trailers I have seen so far, they may pull this off.

I doubt it will be amazing. I mean none of these live action Disney adaptations have been great so far. But they have all been at least good. Jungle Book actually improved upon the original by telling a more cohesive story. As did Cinderella, while Beauty and The Beast felt more like a straight copy of the animated version.

This trailer really captures the light and whimsical nature of the old cartoons. I love the fact that they did not make the characters blatantly animated, but in fact, made them look like stuffed animals. They do not stick out as much, as some other live action versions of cartoons did. Animated character in a live action world have occasionally worked, but so often it just comes off poorly.

From these trailers, it seems there is actually a real lesson to be learned, as each of the Pooh cartoons used to always have. Christopher Robin is all grown up, he lost his whimsy and is neglecting his family. It isn’t a wholly original story and has the potential to be overly mushy, but it could work. The line between genuine and mushy is thin. Paddington 2 pulled it off, and I believe this movie could as well.

This may not be something I see in theaters, but I am interested in it. The trailers suggest they are staying true to the source at least. I got a few light laughs watching the three trailers they have released so far. Also, it was Ewan McGregor, who is always fantastic.

Verdict: Will see, but not in theaters