June has come to an end, and into July we go. June was not the best month for movies, at least for me. There are a few movies I did not get a chance to see, like American Animals, and Hereditary, that I hear are very good, but other than that, it was super slow.  Jurassic World was awful, and Incredibles 2 was mediocre. So here is to hoping July will fare better. So let’s run through all the movies set for a Wide Release in America during July.

July 4th Movies

The First Purge

Movies do not usually come out on Wednesdays but in this case, it is smart to capitalize on the American theme of these Purge movies with a July 4th release. Plus it lets them get a one day head start on Ant-Man and the Wasp.

I have always been torn by The Purge movies. On one hand, the concept is very interesting, and they at least try to have social commentary, as blatant and in your face as it is. But I have always been put off by how cartoonishly evil the antagonists are. I mean do we really need to cover the blatantly racist character in swastikas and have white power written across his back? Do we need to have the characters so gleefully celebrate murder? I mean in the last movie, there were tourists coming here just to murder people. Would that really happen?

Also, why does it focus so much on murder? All crime is legal, and everyone just jumps right to murder.

Just once I would like a villain in these movies who has some semblance of nuance. The opportunity is there. The idea of the Purge is to decrease yearly crime, and it does work. Show someone who struggles with the killing, but deems it necessary for the greater good. Instead, we just see people turn into psychopaths who kill because it is fun. Which yea, I am sure there would be some like that, but for that to be every single antagonist, is weird. Tone down the evil just a bit, give the characters real understandable motives for a chance.

Will that happen in this new addition to the franchise? Surely with it being the first Purge, people will not just automatically start killing people. It at least seems like the Government has to intervene and start killing people to get the ball rolling, which is a promising sign of the addition of nuance to this franchise. But I still feel like in the end, it will be a bunch of flat villains who are nothing more than bloodthirsty, racist, psychopaths. I am interested though to see how long it will take the DR. lady who invented the Purge to realize it is a mistake. It was nice of them to spoil that she regrets it in the trailer.

Verdict: Semi-interested


July 6th Movies

Ant-Man and the Wasp

At this point, Marvel can do no wrong. they put out solid blockbuster after solid blockbuster. I did not love Black Panther like others did, but it was still a solid 6/10, and Infinity War may have been their best work yet. I cannot imagine this film being anything less than an enjoyable summer blockbuster.

Will it be great? Probably not. But I am sure it will be exactly what everyone has come to expect from these movies. Funny, great action, and we will leave with smiles on our faces. I enjoyed the first Ant-man, though I still regret that Edgar Wright did not get to make his version.

Verdict- Very Interested

July 13th

Hotel Transylvania 3

No, nope, no chance.

I gave up on Adam Sandler movies a long time ago. And this looks dumb even for a kids movie. The first one was actually somewhat decent, but this is what we call jumping the shark. They took a fine concept for a kids movie and now stretched it too thin. I have zero interest. The only adults who should see this are those who have to suffer through it for their kids.

Though I will say Adam Sandler should stick to kids movies because that is the ideal demographic for his brand of humor.

Verdict- Zero interest



The Rock wastes his talent so much. He is so charismatic, and the perfect action star, but everything he is in is so mediocre. I am not sure if I have ever watched a movie with Dwayne Johnson in it, and left thinking it was really good. The Rundown might be his best movie, and The Rundown came out near the start of his movie career. Since then, his movies have made a lot of money, but they have all been so, blah.

This looks no different. it comes off as a blatant Die Hard rip off, and yet another bland action movie with no soul. I will pass on this one.

Dwayne is a huge star now, he should know he is allowed to say no, pick projects that could actually be good.

Verdict- Not Interested

July 20th

The Equalizer 2

I had not even realized they were making a sequel to The Equalizer. The first film was somewhat entertaining, very stylish, and Denzel Washington was a joy to watch. But the writing left a ton to be desired. From this trailer, I expect much of the same.

The action looks good, and Denzel seems to be delivering another great performance like usual, but the story looks by the numbers. A bland, revenge story, where a lone agent takes down a highly trained army. We have seen this a thousand times before. These types of movies were interesting in the 80’s, but even then, they did not depict the protagonists as super cops. John McClain got his ass kicked in.  But nowadays these types of movies depict unstoppable agents as the protagonists.

Will it be entertaining, perhaps, but it will also be lifeless. I doubt I will see it in theaters, but I may give it a watch when it is streaming.

Verdict- Sort of interested

Unfriended The Dark Web

This could be the funniest movie that comes out in July, and it isn’t even a comedy. I already talked about this movie in a trailer review, so I do not want to go into too much detail here. This movie is going to be so bad but in such a fantastic way. I may have to see it, just to bask in its crappiness. Also, it will be funny to watch people get scared by something so stupid.

Verdict: Interested, but only to see how bad it is


Mamma Mia 2: Here We Go Again

This is not a movie for me, which is fine. I did not care for the first one, but a lot of people loved it. From the trailer, I assume the people who loved the first, will love this one. The people who didn’t like the first should skip this one. Is this a lazy preview, sure, but it is also the truth.

Verdict- No interest


July 27th

Mission Impossible: Fallout

Do we really need more Misson Impossible movies? It is always the same thing. A run of the mill action movie, that always has at least one grand action set piece so Tom cruise can get his kicks by doing crazy stunts. Always something about Ethan Hunt’s government letting him down, and him having to go rogue with his team to save the day, and them still not being appreciative.

These movies are not bad, but they are so standard. I am sure it will be entertaining enough, but they should at least try to shake up the formula and make something better than mediocre. Modern action is just so bland. No one takes risks anymore. It is just the same movie coming out again and again under different names.

Well, whatever. Despite all this, I still might see it if I get bored over that weekend. I know exactly what to expect. There is next to no risk of me hating this movie. I will be mildly amused, and get to pass a couple hours. if Movie Pass is still alive, I can go see it without wasting any more money.

Verdict- Barley interested


Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

I refuse to even watch the trailer for this abomination. the show is so bad, I cannot imagine the movie will do anything better. So I will give them no Youtube clicks or traffic for the trailer. I feel bad enough for even mentioning the movie.

Verdict- Negative interest, I hope it fails


So there it is, it is shaping up to be another mediocre month for movies. There are some limited releases that look appealing, but I have no clue when I will be able to see any of them in a theater near me.