The 80’s is the decade when it comes to action movies. Die Hard, Predator, Aliens, Rambo. It was a time of badass heroes, up against insurmountable odds, coming out on top. The movies were packed with cheesy one-liners and over the top set pieces. It was awesome.

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And this reboot of Predator, directed by Shane Black, is definitely trying to be an 80’s action movie. The line, “Come and get us motherfuckers,” is such a 1980’s action movie type of quip. This all feels like a 1980’s action movie, with CGI from 2018, which is a good thing. So many reboots lose what made the original special. But here, they are updating the formula with what we have been told are smarter, stronger Predators, but the same tone and feel from the original.

I did not love everything from the trailer though. The joke from Keegan Michael-Key was awful. it is just a lazy and tired joke, and hopefully not representative of the rest of the writing here. But in general, I am excited about this movie.

The cast is fantastic. Sterling K Brown is always fantastic in every role. Thomas Jane is a fantastic action star. I already mention Keegan. Jacob Tremblay is playing the child, which means the child actor performance will not be annoying because he is one of the few child actors who can act. Yvonne Strahovski is gorgeous and super talented. Alfie Allen, who you may know as Theon Greyjoy, is also in it. It is just a strong cast from top to bottom.

Shane Black is a wild card. The last movie he directed, The Nice Guys, was very good, so hopefully, he can recapture that magic. He obviously knows 80’s action since he wrote The Lethal Weapon movies.

Overall, I am excited about this movie. It looks like it is on the right path, and setting the right tone. As long as that awful joke in the trailer does not represent the type of humor they are going for, we should be good. At the least, we should get a fun dumb movie to sit and enjoy.

Verdict: Watch this movie