I am not sure what to think of this. I did not even know this movie existed before I watched this trailer. If the movie didn’t have Steve Carell in it, I probably would not have even clicked on the trailer. But, he is in it, and I did watch it.

At the start of the trailer, I was not into it. The movie immediately came off as overly sentimental. One of those “based on a true story” movies that tries so hard to be inspiring, but just comes off as pandering. Steve Carell plays an artist who was the victim of a brutal assault, leaving him disabled. He constructs a fictional World War 2 village to cope with his trauma. The village comes to life in stop-motion scenes.

But as the trailer rolled on, I noticed two things. One, this trailer is showing way too much. I mean we are basically getting walked through the plot, which so many movies like this love to do. But I am used to that by now. The other thing is, there seems to be some impressive filmmaking going on here. The stop-motion is awesome, and the transition between stop motion and live action also seems like it could be very intriguing. The plot seems dull, but the cinematography caught my eye.

I very much doubt I will see this in theaters, in fact, I won’t see it in theaters. I may see it when it comes out on VOD or Netflix however. I love Carell, and Robert Zemeckis is usually a good director. Also, it has violence against Nazi’s which is always a plus.

Verdict: Eh, maybe wait to see it