Why? WHY?

Why must we continue to ruin the work of Dr.Seuss?

I have a challenge for you. You know those Try not to laugh challenges? Well, this is a try to laugh challenge. Watch this trailer, and try to find something to laugh at. I dare you. I watched it five times, and I couldn’t even muster a snicker. There is one scene, which has the potential to be funny. The Grinch is trying to sneak around, but the snow is crunching so much. But they ruin it by explaining the joke. it was the only chance they had in this trailer to be even a little funny, and they can’t go a few seconds without messing it up.

And that is Illumination. They are a bottom of the barrel type of movie studio. They make dumb kids movies with no redeemable qualities. Kids will love this movie, and the adults who see it with them will have to suffer through it. I wouldn’t even care if they were not messing with classics.

They could keep making Life of Pet movies and Minions movies, and I would not care. But when they mess with Seuss, it becomes a problem. The syllabus is there to make these more than just dumb kids movies. They are taking a property that was always for kids but had qualities that made them actually, well good. The original Grinch cartoon is actually a good movie. If they want to make a quick buck, just remake that, shot for shot, with 3d animation.

But instead, they pump it with pop music, and their normal gags, and suck the life out of the property. I will not be seeing this. No one who does not have kids should see this. It will be crap. They killed The Lorax, and now they have come back for the Grinch. I imagine after this makes millions they will move on to Horton, and then The Cat in the Hat until all our beloved Seuss Characters have been murdered.