The first Incredibles is one of Pixar’s best movies. It is fun, well written, and showed a marked improvement for Pixar in terms of animating humans. It told a relatable superhero story, depicting a family dynamic that hit close to home for many who watched. But can this sequel live up to the standards set by the first? Well, not really.

It took me a while to decide if I liked this movie or not after seeing it. And what I decided is, I didn’t really like it that much. Like so many other Pixar sequels, whether it is Monsters Inc, Finding Dory, or even Toy Story 3, it just feels, pointless. Pixar decided they wanted money and decided Incredibles 2 would be the best way to make it. Whereas Incredibles 1 felt like it had passion and direction, Incredibles 2 felt like a soulless cash cow.

It is very well animated, in fact watching this after watching the first makes the animation from the original look really bad. The action scenes were mostly entertaining. But the story, and characters, left a ton to be desired.

For one, Mr. Incredible and Dash went from being relatable, understandable people, to just being lazily written. Mr. Increbile was always a selfish character, but here there just seems like there is no reason behind it. He just seems like an ass. Same with Dash. In the first movie, Dash acted out a lot, but it was always because he felt like he had something to prove. But there is no sign of that original motivation, he just acts out to be a prick in the sequel.

And Jack-Jack really hurts the movie for me. I get it, he is a cute baby, with powers that cannot be controlled. This dynamic was used sparingly in the first movie, so it was never a distraction. But the cute baby act gets old very quick in this movie. If you are the type of person who loves the Minions, you will love this movie. Otherwise, you may get annoyed by the antics of Jack-Jack very quickly. It is just lazy writing. There is no joke being told with Jack Jack, he just makes some noises and does subpar slapstick, and that is al. There is nothing to his character. He serves no purpose other than to be cute. And as I said, the cute characters should be left as background characters. But they go to the Jack-Jack well way too often for my liking.

And the villain’s motivations just make no sense. Syndrome was great in the first one. His motivations were fairly simple, but they worked, and we believed and understood them. They made him a strong character, he had a presence in the movie. This new villain accomplishes none of those things. I do not want to go into spoilers, but her actions directly fly in the face of her motivations. She is making her goal harder to accomplish. They either needed to change her goal, her motivation, or her actions. As they are, the three make no sense together.

Frozone was once again a great character, in fact they gave him even more of a story and screen time again. But he was not enough to save this movie for me. It is by no means bad, just, underwhelming. I feel no need to ever see this movie again, and I probably will not remember much from it down the road. It is yet another pointless sequel. Cant wait for the disapointing Coco 2, Up 2, or Wall-E 2. If they do an Inside Out 2, they can add a fun character called Oedipus.