Halloween is being rebooted again. Well, I suppose this is not a reboot, but instead a sequel to the first movie. It picks up many years after the movie and retcons all the sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis returns to reprise her role as Laurie. Instead of going into psychiatric care after the first one, she eventually started a family. Mike Myers has been locked up since the end of the first movie, but now, he has escaped.

I am cautiously optimistic about this movie. Many of these horror reboots fail, but the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis is back is exciting. It seems at the least, the movie will have a strong lead character since Jamie Lee Curtis is usually fantastic. The trailer depicts Laurie as being super badass, and a bit traumatized. The idea of seeing an older Laurie trying to hunt down Myers to protect her family is promising.

I like the direction this movie is going. It is returning to the roots of the first movie. For one, he is a human again, not a supernatural force. It also seems they have retconned him being related to Laurie, which I prefer. They are just going with the basics.

It is directed by the guy who made Pineapple Express and co-written by Danny McBride. Not really sure what to think of that, but I will trust them for now.

With all that said, I felt the same way about Alien Covenant. From the trailers, it seemed like they were going back to the basics, and making a tight horror movie about an Alien hunting people on a spaceship, but what we got was much different and worse. But, if the movie is like this trailer, it seems we will at least be getting a solid slasher flick, something we have not gotten in a while. I am happy John Carpenter is not directing it the way Ridley Scott directed covenant. They need a fresh set of eyes controlling the project, and Carpenter does not have the best recent track record. I will be seeing this movie, and hopefully, it will stay true to this trailer.

Verdict: Watch this movie