I loved the first Lego Movie. In fact, I have called it one of My Favorite Movies. So I had mixed feelings about a sequel. On one hand, it could be mean I get another amazing movie like the original. On the other, it could fail to live up to the first one. The fact Lord and Miller are not directing it, made me even more nervous. And then there is the fact it is directed by Mike Mitchell, who gave us Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigalow. But on the bright side, Lord and Miller are still co-writers, along with Raphael Bob-Waksberg, who is the creator and showrunner of Bojack Horseman. So at the least, it should still be well written.

If this first trailer is any indication, my concerns will not be realized. This trailer is fantastic. It does not show a whole lot, but it is funny, and I like the direction the movie is going. Many years have passed since the end of the first movie, and things are not as happy as they were left off. An alien invasion has left Bricksburg looking like a scene out of Mad Max. Everyone has been hardened by the experience as it is now a struggle to survive. Well, everyone except Emmet. Chris Pratt’s character is still as happy and optimistic as ever. He is still the character audiences fell in love with, which makes for some very funny opportunities for humor.

Most of the original cast, except for perhaps Will Ferrel. The humor still seems present. It is hard to tell from the trailer if it will still have the fantastic social commentary the first had, but it does seem the movie will be tackling gender dynamics, so the opportunity to be both funny and smart is there.

Also, the music in the trailer is great. It starts with a remix of the Oscar-nominated song Everything is Awesome and then goes into Intergalactic Planetary by the Beastie Boys, and you can never go wrong with the Beastie Boys. After watching this trailer, I am much less worried about this sequel failing. Living up to the first will be hard, but I have a better feeling it will at least be good.

Verdict: Watch this movie