Yea, I know I have already covered an Edgar Wright Movie. But I could do a piece on every Edgar Wright movie for this list, and I eventually will. Edgar Wright may be my favorite director, and definitely, think he is the best comedy director.

In my Hot Fuzz review, I talked about how he is one of the few comedy directors who fully utilizes visual comedy. If you forget, I will once again share this video, that explains what separates him from most other comedy directors.

So instead of continuing to gush over Edgar, I will just go into what I love about this movie in particular.

Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie movie. Better than Night of the Living Dead, better than Dawn of the Dead, better than everything else George Romero did, and better than everything else that was inspired by Romero. Shaun of the Dead tops it all. Why is that? I will list the reasons.

One, great characters. A zombie film is nothing without great characters. Well, most movies are nothing without characters. But a problem many movies in the horror genre have is crappy characters. Shaun of the Dead is fantastic in this area. The title character Shaun is in particular interesting.

Two, it features lots of little details to notice. The running gags throughout the movie are great.  As I said in the Hot Fuzz review, everything early on in the movie is setting up a callback. For instance, early on we learn that Nick Frost’s character has a problem where he leaves the front door open. Which ends up causing a problem later on, when a zombie gets in through the front door. There is also the running joke “You got some red on you.” The thing I love about Wright’s films is that they reward you for paying attention. They are rewatchable because there is always more to pick up on.

Three, It is just funny. With all of the great things to say about how great a director Wright is, how he utilizes the camera, how he crafts great stories, the best thing about him is how funny he is. Of course, that compliment also goes to Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. The movie is constantly funny. And not all the in your face, obvious humor. But as I have said, there is humor just in the way the scene is shot. There is humor in how dumb some of the characters are. there are normal jokes. There is humor for everyone.

I could go on and on, but the point is, the movie is great. I have said any great comedy, should still be great even if someone doesn’t laugh a single time, and that is true. Even without the humor, the story is still interesting. I like Hot Fuzz a bit more, but Shaun of the Dead is still fantastic.