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There was a point in my life where I could quote this entire movie. I am not sure if that says more about how nerdy I am, or how funny this movie is, but I figure it is a combination of both.

Truthfully, almost every line in this movie is quotable. From the iconic line “It’s just a flesh wound,” to the equally iconic, “she turned me into a newt.” It is funny from start to end, with almost every joke landing.

Holy Grail is a lesson in why it is okay to be silly. All of Monty Python movies and shows are. Its a bunch of grown men, finding success, by being as silly as they can be. Sometimes you just want to laugh, and not worry about anything, and this is the perfect movie for that.

Just watch this scene, where a village of people are trying to figure out if a woman is a witch or not.

That is just funny. The sheer absurdity of the scene makes it hilarious. It is also a statement on how stupid people used to be, and on why something as horrible as the Salem Witch trials could ever happen. We laugh at the idiotic logic of these characters, trying to find out if she is a witch, but It is not too far off from how real people accused others of being witches in actual history. Monty Python is capable of doing clever satire and social commentary, without it being in your face. People can enjoy the humor, even if they don’t get the satire. It is accessible to everyone, which is great.

And here is another scene, full of funny moments. Its the type of absurdity that Monty Python specializes in. Everyone loves jokes that make fun of the French. This scene has less. I literally fell off the couch laughing when they sent in a Trojan Bunny, but forgot to hide inside it. I wish I was funny enough to think of that.

I could post every single clip from this movie, and they would all be funny. I haven’t even mentioned bring out your dead, the peasant scene, the killer rabbit, the bridge, or the Knights who say Nee. Nor have I mentioned the hilarious songs in the movie.

Is it a masterfully crafted movie? No. It is intentionally campy and cheesy looking. They were not trying to make art, they tried to make a funny movie, and made one of the funniest comedies of all time.