Ok, before I get into spoiler territory, let me give my quick non-spoiler review. If you are a fan of Marvel movies, you will probably like this movie. If you are a type of person who is not really into Marvel movies, you will not like it. Seems like an obvious statement, but it is true.

It has great humor, but also more tense moments than any other Marvel movie has had before. I was worried that with so many characters, the movie would feel sloppy, but it actually worked out really well. Obviously, some characters got less screen time than others, but everyone had at least one moment. They blended all the characters into together well.

There are some issues I had. There were some moments that felt a little forced. There was also some logical errors. One which I cannot point out without spoiling, so I will touch on that later.

The star of the movie, however, was Thanos. Forget calling him the best Marvel villain, that is not even a question. He may be one of the best superhero movie villains, period. hell, he is one of the best characters, good or bad, in the MCU thus far. His motive sounds so simple, as he said in the trailer, he wants to kill half the universe. It sounds like a generic villain motive, but I promise there is more to it. I cannot explain how it works so well without spoilers, but it is such a full and fleshed out motive in the movie. He feels so powerful, and the hopes truly feel slim for the first time in a Marvel movie. When NYC was being invaded in the first Avengers, it always felt like the Avengers were in control. Against Ultron, it was never tense at all. But in this movie, it honestly felt like no one was safe.

One other thing, maybe try to go see it at a time where the theater won’t be so full. At least in my theater, the audience was so obnoxious. Cheering loudly anytime a character they like shows up on screen. Shouting about the events in the movie. If you are the type of person who will be distracted by a rowdy audience, find a theater that is not full to see it in.

That is all I can really say without spoilers. So if you have not seen the movie yet, stop reading. I mean it. Go away. Do not come back to read the rest of this article until you have seen the movie.  I will say it again.









Holy crap, the way the movie ended. I didn’t think Marvel would have the balls to end it like that, killing off half the cast. But they went there. They didn’t just go there, but the Spider-Man scene, that was harsh. Seeing a beloved character beg for his life as he slowly disintegrates, while Stark holds him in his arms. Man, that was rough.

The characters they choose to keep around are interesting. I mean obviously, this is not permanent. Black Panther made too much money to kill him off forever, they are going to have a sequel, and as great as Danai Guirra is, they are not going to sell the Black Panther with just her left. Spider-Man also has a sequel coming, as does Guardians, and the only Guardians left are Nebula and Rocket. They kept the OG 6 around. Or at least five of them. I assume they did not kill Hawkeye off-screen. Also, Rocket and War Machine are still alive. A couple Black Panther characters, Like Guirra’a Okoye, M’Baku, and I assume Shuri. Ant-Man is probably still alive. And then, of course, Captain Marvel will be there, as teased in the post-credits.

It will be a much smaller cast in the second part. Until they find a way to reverse what Thanos did.

Thanos having to kill Gamora to realize his plan was such a powerful moment. he did genuinely love her in his own sick twisted way, and it obviously weighed on him heavily, but he did it anyway. Thanos was such a complex villain. He showed real respect for Tony Stark. He was ready to kill him, but he appreciated Tony. He respected a lot of these characters. He was able to convince me that he really thought he was doing the right thing. He thought he had to lessen the numbers of the universe, to save it from itself.

I am assuming Dr. Strange had a good reason to hand over the time stone. My theory is that when he looked to the future for scenarios where they beat Thanos, him handing over the Time Stone is what happened in the one scenario he said worked. Though if that is the case why didn’t he do it earlier? I have a couple theories. One, maybe he just wanted to try and see if they could beat fate and get the glove away from him. But what I think it actually is, is that in the scenario he saw, Tony Stark had to be alive. Why else would Strange save Stark. He outright said he would not compromise the time stone to save anyone else. The Time stone was his number one priority, so the only reason he would give it up so easily, is if he had a damn good reason. He saw the future. He knows Stark has to be alive to fix the genocide Thanos caused.

Some problems I had, the Black order was unimpressive. With the exception of Squidward, none of them seemed all that powerful. Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive did nothing but get embarrassed every time they showed up on screen.

Another issue is where the hell was Thor when all the Avengers in Wakanda were trying to stop Thanos from getting to Vision once he showed up. All the other Avengers were getting casually smacked around by Thanos, and the one guy who could actually stop him, was off somewhere doing nothing.

It is hard to judge it because it is only part one. There are tons of questions I have, that could morph into criticisms, but for all I know, they will all be answered in the next movie. So I can not really critique it yet. I would usually be upset with this cliffhanger ending, but it did feel like it worked here. This movie was about stopping Thanos from assembling all the stones, and that story was finished. There is obviously a lot more story to tell, but they are going to tell it. They did technically finish the plot of this movie. it is a sad ending, and the Avengers failed. but it is not a cop put ending meant only to get people to come back. It is a true ending to this first movie, and a set up for the prequel, so it works.

Overall, I really liked it. The quality of the next movie will impact this movie as well, and if they do not offer a good conclusion to the next movie, it will make this one look worse. But for now, it is one of the better Marvel movies.