There are many TV villains that we are intended to hate. Joffrey is a prime example of a character who is just the worst. But characters like Joffrey are still well written. You hate them, but they are vital parts of the show they are in. The character being annoying is not always the same thing as being a bad character. The characters I am talking about here, are characters that we are supposed to like, but are so poorly written, that I ended up rooting against. Now keep in mind with this list, that I have not watched every TV Show through. So that one character from Grey’s Anatomy may be awful, but I do not watch that show so they will not make my list.


10. Foggy Nelson- Daredevil

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Foggy was a really fun character in the first season. He played the supporting role well and added some comedy to the show. But then he found out that Matt is the Daredevil, and his main purpose on the show became about sanctimoniously preaching to Matt.

He is so resentful about being lied to and never stops complaining. Despite the fact Matt was able to stop a homicidal maniac from tearing the city apart, twice, Foggy still complains about Matt being the Daredevil. Forget the fact that he stopped Fisk, and caught the Punisher. Forget the fact he ended a sex trafficking and drug trafficking ring. No, Foggy still wants to give Matt crap about being a hero because I guess it is irresponsible. For the most part, it didn’t even affect Matt’s work as a Lawyer. It did once, and that time, Foggy was justified in being angry at Matt for leaving him hanging. But the majority of the times Foggy is just complaining for no valid reason.

Don’t just take my word for it though, even Samuel L. Jackson agrees that Foggy is annoying.

The character can be salvaged. He is well acted and is funny and relatable when he isn’t whining to Matt. But unfortunately, that is all Foggy had to do in season 2.

9. Felicity Smoak- Arrow

To be fair, this is not the fault of the character, but more how they use her. Felicity was a great character in the first two seasons of Arrow. She was funny, she had great chemistry with Oliver, and she served a purpose to the show.

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Then season 3 happened, and her entire purpose started to revolve around the men in her life. She was dating one guy but also had feelings for Oliver. They took a strong female character, with her own story that didn’t revolve around men, and then threw all that out. It is so frustrating when a female character’s purpose is restricted to being the object of affection for the male character. Even more so here, when it ruins someone who was a good character.

The relationship makes her so unrealistic as a character. She was insufferable in season 4. The way she became hysterical when she found out about Oliver’s kid, was just so forced. It made no sense for Felicity, who for the first couple seasons, was a perfectly reasonable character, to start acting crazy just because she has a boyfriend. They turned her into such a hypocrite. Oh, so Oliver lying to protect his kid is wrong, but the several times you lied to Oliver in the same season is okay? Do you realize how insulting it is to make Felicity go from a normal person to a crazy person, just because she is dating someone?

It actually ruined the show for me. A fun show that mixed drama and action, become all about the contrived relationship bullcrap the show came up with. The superhero stuff is a side story. This is not on the actress or the character, it is on the writers. They messed up the once quality character of Felicity and turned her into an insufferable source of drama that dragged the whole show down. Maybe the show saved her in the last couple seasons. I would not know, because, after season 4, I lost interest in the show. I tried to watch season 5, and found myself constantly wanting to do something else.

8. Screech- Saved by the Bell

Now I am not a huge fan of Saved by the Bell, but I can enjoy it. Enjoy it as long as Screech is not on the screen at least. Nothing Screech says is funny. He is the cliche annoying character that is in every bad sitcom, in fact, he is the worst example of it.

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There isn’t much else to say about him. Every time he comes on screen I get this weird headache. There is little worse in film/tv than a comic relief character that is not funny. Unfunny comedic relief characters bring their show/movie to a halt. In a show about a character who can stop time, Screech is the character who actually makes it feel like time is stopped, but for the audience.

I imagine there is a reason why most of the other cast members went on to have semi-successful careers, and Dustin Diamond who played Screech did not. Zack’s actor starred in Franklin and Bash and NYPD Blue. Kelly’s actor went on to star in White Collar. Mario Lopez is the host of Extra.

Meanwhile, Dustin Diamond has been arrested, released a sex tape, and was not invited to the Saved by the Bell Reunion.

7. The Sand Snakes- Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite TV shows. It has compelling drama, tense action, mostly great acting, and fantastic characters. But then there are the Sand Snakes. Now I know this is cheating, and they are three characters, but it is hard to separate them. All three are the same poorly written, uninteresting, character.

In the books, they are some of the best characters. We get to see how badass they really are and get to see them as three distinct characters. But in the show, they get thrown in as an afterthought and get very little development. When they do try to develop them, we see that the writers have no clue what to do with them. Their dialogue is awful, and the acting makes the delivery even worse. There is, of course, the now infamous line. “You want the good girl, but you need the bad poosey.”

Who wrote this and thought that this was a good line? Why? The line has no purpose, these two never meet again. They probably thought it would be funny, but it isn’t. It just made everyone watching cringe.

There is one scene with them, that I actually liked. One, short scene, that I thought was well written and reminded me of their characters in the book.

Other than this scene, every time they are on screen, the show suffers. Whether it is the poor choreography in their fight scenes, the bad dialogue, the bad acting, or just the fact they never have anything useful to do, they are the worst characters in Game of Thrones. They are part of the reason the last few seasons have not been as good, and they are a waste of great characters from the books.

6. Ted Mosby- How I Met Your Mother

I debated putting both Ted and Ross from Friends on this list. They are basically the same person. After some thought, I decided only Ted belongs here. While both are awful people, it feels like Friends understood Ross was awful. In fact, everyone on that show was an awful person, it was kind of the point. But in How I Met Your Mother we are supposed to relate to Ted. We are supposed to see Ted as the down on his luck loser, who gets overlooked. But that is not what he is. Ted is a crap human being.

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For one, his life is objectively good, but all he does is complain. He is constantly dating beautiful women, has a great job that pays well, a huge apartment in NYC and several very close friends. Yea none of his relationships are working long-term, but he is still fairly young. Casual dating is pretty normal. Despite all of this, he is constantly whining about his life.

Also, the reason none of his relationships work out is that he treats the women he dates like crap. For some reason, beautiful women are constantly willing to throw their lives away for him, and then he leaves them. He convinced one woman to leave her husband, and then he left her to get a promotion at work. He cheats on one his girlfriend with his ex. He will break up with them, and then beg them to take him back, which they do for some reason. He is an awful human being, yet the show wants us to feel bad for him, and root for him to find love. I hate-watched his journey, hoping the show would end with us finding out that the kids he is talking to are actually a figment of his imagination. He never found true love and is now a lonely bitter old man. That is the ending a character like Ted Mosby deserved. My ending is certainly better than the ending they wrote for him, where we find out his wife is dead, and he has been telling hid kid’s this long story just so he could as them if it is okay if he starts dating Robin again. Just another thing to add to the lists of ways Ted is a bad person.

5. Laurel Lance- Arrow

Yet another female character from Arrow, because the show writers have a hard time writing realistic female character apparently. Unlike Felicity though, Laurel failed as a character from the start. They took a fan favorite character from the comics, Black Canary, and ruined her. A character who is vitally important to the Green Arrow’s story by the way.

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Black Canary is supposed to be Oliver’s life partner. They are supposed to be the best, and one of the longest-running, relationships between two superheroes. Instead, the two have zero chemistry on the show. Laurel is just a boring person whose only use is to one, cause drama, and two, get in the way.

Her narrative arc is all over the place, and none of it makes her more endearing. The love triangle was awful in the first season. Starting out the Oliver- Black Canary romance with her being bitter and hating him, not the best idea. The making her angry and an addict in season 2, just to give her something to overcome, did not work.

We didn’t care about her yet, and they had already used the addiction subplot for other characters. I mean really, how many times does Arrow have to use the people become addicted to a drug or alcohol to cope with their depression or anger subplot?

In a show where everyone was constantly irrational, Laurel was the character who annoyed me the most because we were never given a reason to like her. She is pretentious, self-righteous, and has no real redeemable qualities.

4.Carl Grimes- The Walking Dead

If you thought that having two characters would make Arrow the show with the most characters on this list, you were wrong. Carl is the first character from Walking Dead to appear on this list, and will not be the last. Carl gets a little bit of a break compared to the other Walking Dead characters on this list because he is a kid, so him doing excessively dumb things is a little more believable.

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Carl is a constant source of forced plot nonsense, especially in the early seasons. His only purpose is to cause problems for Rick and the group. Why did Crl take this gun to try to kill this Zombie? Oh, so it can break loose of the mud and kill Dale. Why is Carl hanging around this outsider they are keeping prisoner? Oh, so he can cause more problems and put his father at risk. And despite being the source of all these problems, he is entirely ungrateful.

Like another character that I will mention from this show, he loves to complain that the others do not trust him enough, and he deserves to have more responsibility in the group. Yet he never proves himself. He constantly screws things up and then complains when his dad won’t trust him to go on missions.

Also, Chandler Riggs is an awful actor. He was awful as a kid, and as a teen, he was better, but still below average even for a television show. I stopped watching the show last season because I just could not take it anymore. But even still, I am happy the show killed him off. They should kill all the characters off, and bring back Herschel, Tyreese, and Dale because they are among the only likable and relatable characters to ever appear on the show.

3. Scrappy Doo- Scooby Doo

Oh boy. Scrappy nearly ruined a franchise. Well to be fair, first, he saved it from bad ratings, and then people figured out they hate Scrappy, and almost killed it with bad ratings.

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He sucked so much, people started to tune out again. It was kind of like what happened with New Coke. Coke was not doing well, so they shook things up, people hated the new thing so much, they became nostalgic for the classic version, and it ended up saving the brand by being bad.

Any time a character is added to a show that revolves around an ensemble cast, it can be tricky. It can very easily throw off the chemistry the characters have developed. This is made even worse when the new character is an annoying little pissant. Scrappy is awful. He is annoying, arrogant, and constantly gets in the way. He constantly sucked the life from the character of Scooby. The dynamic of the show before Scrappy was simple. Scooby and Shaggy would see a scary thing and run. But now Scooby has this annoying little puppy to watch over. The opportunities

See Scrappy is that person we all know who thinks they are tougher than they are. Every time the episode’s monster would show up, he would go through all of his catchphrases. He’d yell puppy power, tell the monster to put them up, and then when Scooby pulled him out of danger, he said: “let me at em.” That was all there was to his character. A few catchphrases, and a tough guy attitude. He was added to the show as an afterthought solely to up the ratings, and any character made for those reasons is going to suck.

2.  Andrea- The Walking Dead

Walking Dead would have been better off if Dale never stopped Andrea from killing herself. Now you might think that is a mean thing to say, but I will remind you she is a fictional character. Andrea is another example of a character who is great in the source material, but awful in the show. She is great in the comic series. She is actually the independent, bad ass that show Andrea tries to pretend to be.

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I am not sure what is worse, season 2 Andrea, or season 3. In season 2 she acts vindictive for most of the season. She punishes Dale for his crime of caring for her. Dale was willing to risk death, to stop Andrea from killing herself. And afterward, she is happy she didn’t kill herself. But she still holds it against Dale and is upset when he won’t give her the gun back. The only person left in the world who genuinely cares about her, and she treats him like crap. Then we get to the whole subplot where Beth is trying to kill herself, and of course, Andrea forces her way into the conversation. Andrea insists the best way to go about this is to give Beth the freedom to kill herself if that is what she wants. Andrea has this theory that she will not do it, and will learn some life lesson from the ordeal. But does she not think that maybe it will be best to show Beth that her family cares about her enough to fight for her? Andrea forces her way into this situation, tells Maggie to take a break from monitoring her sister who is on suicide watch, and then just leaves Beth and basically tells her to go through with it. Then when Beth lives, Andrea acts like she did something good. All you did was fail to give someone depressed help.

This is all while she has spent all season trying to prove how tough she is. In doing so, she almost kills Daryl. They see someone stumbling out of the woods towards the farm. The other survivors tell her not to shoot, and run out to check on it. She sees them stop, and not shoot whatever was stumbling out of the woods. This should have been the first reason not to shoot. You think they just stopped to admire the zombie? Not to mention, even if it was a zombie, she was pretty far away, and the other survivors were pretty close. She could have easily shot one of the other people. Luckily she missed Daryl, but still, what the hell is wrong with you Andrea?  Are you so desperate to prove how tough you are that you would put everyone’s lives at risk? Not to mention the fact she was scheming with Shane to leave the group.

Then season 3 came along, and she falls for another psychopath. I can understand her not killing the Governor when she had the chance, I can understand her trying to play mediator. But there is a stretch where she is actually on the Governor’s side, despite all the evidence he is a psycho. She even abandons Michonne, who saved Andrea’s life, and nursed her back to life, to stay with the Governor. She picked the abusive prick over her closest friend.

Every decision Andrea makes throughout the show is wrong. She is overly stubborn, vindictive, and utterly useless. But still, there is one character in the show, who is even worse.

1. Lori Grimes- Walking Dead

Despite how awful Andrea is, Lori is still worse. I called Andrea useless, but Lori is worse than useless, she adds nothing to the group, and constantly puts members of the group in dangerous situations.

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Let’s start with the whole Rick- Lori- Shane triangle. I cannot blame her for finding a new relationship when she thought Rick was dead. I also cannot blame her for feeling conflicted for a little while after Rick came back. But I will blame her for stringing Shane around, especially after she herself acknowledged the fact he is a psycho. She keeps sending him fixed feelings, despite knowing how dangerous he is. One episode she makes the right call and tells him that no matter what, he is not a part of her babies life. A clear statement, that leaves no wiggle room for Shane to think he has a chance at being the dad. But then in the next episode, she goes to confide in him and say she isn’t sure who the dad is? What the hell is wrong with you? Shane takes this rope and tries to kill Rick with it.

Then we can talk about her “mission” to save Rick. When Rick and Glenn go into town to find Herschel, Lori becomes completely irrational. For no reason, she starts going around, begging everyone in camp to go out and find Rick so Rick can bring Herschel. Despite the fact she already knows went out for this very purpose, she thinks she needs to send a third person, to get Rick so Rick can bring Herschel back.  Rick hadn’t even been gone wrong. So at this point, I was wondering why she is being irrational, and what problems she is going to cause for the group with her stupidity. And surprise, she steals one of the cars, tries to drive into town herself for no one reason. And she is so dumb, she tries to read a map while driving. People thinking texting while driving is bad, mapping while driving is a whole new level of dangerous. Again I was asking myself, why is she being so stupid? Oh, so she will not notice the zombie in the middle of the road. She hits the zombie, it breaks the windshield, and then for some reason, steps on the gas instead of the brakes, swerves off the road, and crashes. The level of incompetence that led up to this moment has to be a record of some kind. Eventually, Shane comes out and saves her. He finds her still walking towards the town, in her attempt to go find Rick. What the hell is wrong with you Lori? She believes Shane when he tells her that Rick is already back at the farm, despite the fact that Rick would have had to drive right past her crashed car to get back to the farm.

The next problem I have with Lori is also a problem with Rick. This is the fact they are terrible parents. Both of them are constantly ignoring their son, who just recently recovered from a near-fatal bullet wound. This leaves Carl free to do dumb shit like stealing a gun, trying to free their prisoner, almost getting killed by a zombie, etc. The reason only Lori is on this list though, and not Rick, is the fact that Rick actually has a use, a personality, a purpose to the show, and he doesn’t do dumb crap in every single episode.

At one point in the show, Lori somehow turns a conversation about stopping Beth from killing herself, into a conversation about who doesn’t do enough chores around the farm. Seriously, she and Andrea are debating about this issue, and both are being stupid as usual. Andrea brings up the fact that she tried to kill herself, and she came through it. And then Lori thinks an appropriate response is to sarcastically say “and became such a productive member of the group.” How does one believe that a conversation about suicide is the appropriate place to bring up how one person doesn’t wash enough dishes?

It got to the point where I was rooting for a zombie to get Lori. She is the worst written character on a major TV show of all time. None of her choices are ever reasonable, she is manipulative, selfish, and moronic. Yet we are supposed to like her. She is supposed to be one of the characters we root for, and we are supposed to be sad when she dies.

I know it seems I am being hard on The Walking Dead, but that is only because it is a bad show. It occasionally has great moments, but on average, it is laughably bad. I watched the first seven seasons of it and found myself usually rooting against most of the characters. But Lori took the cake as the worst character on the show, by far.